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Health and Safety is a well-used term, especially as a marketing and PR umbrella, and is strangely often viewed negatively.

Whilst to some, it offers a sense of security and protection, to others, it’s synonymous with red tape and restrictions. However, one way or another, the concept of health and safety is crucial in all areas of our lives. 


Costly Consequences

The importance of an awareness of Health and Safety regulations is paramount and non-compliance in business can be costly.

For example, not adhering to the Health and Safety at Work Act can cost businesses thousands of pounds.

So, first off, it’s important for any business to ensure they keep up to date with all regulations.


Health and Safety at Work Act

The Health and Safety at Work Act aims to:

  • protect people from the risk of injury or ill health;
  • maintain employees’ health, safety and welfare in the workplace;
  • protect non-employees against risks arising from work activities; and
  • control the use of dangerous substances.

The brief is wide and comprehensive. Moreover, it’s in place for a reason. 


Assessing Risk

Keeping both employees and non-employees safe within the compounds of your business is critical.

For instance, regulations dictate that you need to show that you have considered any risks.

Whether that be in business activities or likely resulting scenarios, it’s all-important. Whilst a risk assessment is good business practice, you then need to act upon it.

All businesses need to do the basics such as looking after their staff in the workplace. As such, it’s generally expected that an employer provides good working conditions for their staff. However, you have to look further and plan for every eventuality.


Specialist Services 

Using specialist services is a must in order for you to fully comply with health and safety legislation.

Although as a business, there are evident costs associated with bringing in specialists, in the long run, it could save you additional cost.

So, professional services ranging from accountants to commercial estate agents will ensure that many eventualities are covered off before you start.

Similarly, specialist maintenance services keeping your grounds and offices safe are equally crucial. Consequently, not only do you have peace of mind, you are also supported by experts in their field.


Policy Documentation

Together with putting contingency planning in place, writing up policy documents completes the circle.

Ensuring that all procedures are written down is just common sense.

Whilst time consuming, policy documents will allow any member of staff access to the necessary guidance.

Whether that be at what point in the calendar the fire extinguishers need checking or first aiders’ training updated, it’s all available.

So, adhering to health and safety regulations will not only keep everyone safe, but keep your business on track too.


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