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Your foundation of business growth is understanding your ideal audience.

Such is the power of this statement above that until you do not know who your audience is, you can never start growing your business. So, just like diamonds, marketing, including digital marketing, cannot take shape, without the realisation of who you are going for.

The bottom line is: regardless of your business, you will have to learn the ropes of targeting and marketing at the start.

In this article, we are going to explain a digital marketing strategy that we’ve used for our shelves. The focus here is on the stages of growing your business and not what we have done in particular, because you will need to adjust for your industry, and in line with it, your leads and potential clients

Try to Have Fun

Who is your audience and what problem are you solving?

From there on, logically, the bigger the pain, the more your audience will be willing to pay you. However, if you want this whole process to be less laborious, it helps to work on something that you enjoy too.

Pursuing something a little more fun may hinder the initial payments from your target audience. However, through effective delivery, your quality standards will determine your pricing within the market and push you higher up.

Audience Pain Points

We have already touched this a little, but let’s elaborate further.

Marketing is like a funnel. (Not a sales funnel – that term is now ruined for life).

What we mean is, through marketing, you want to attract and connect with as many potential clients as possible and build an audience. How you will be able to form an audience is by answering their prayers

In other words, your audience will have pain points. All you need to do, easier said than done, is solve those pain points. 

Of course there are elements of customer perception and business psychology, but those are topics that you can dig deeper into later. We will give you a headstart with:

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Just keep in mind that not your whole target market will become your customers. But, you want to get to a position where even a fraction of your community should become the success you seek for a period of time. Further growth is always around the corner.

Now Communicate

In theory, this should be the easiest part. But, as the puzzle goes, providing a quality service and knowing your target audience is not enough. You need to be able to talk to them too.

So, how do you talk to your audience?

Your best bet is social media. In particular, a social media platform where there is an abundance of your target audience. For us, being B2b and focusing on our SEO services, this option is LinkedIn.

For you, especially if you are B2C, your option could be Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok these days. (When someone says TikTok, I think Kesha – that’s how old I am).

And, if this feels like a lot of effort, just remember how much it would have cost you to exist on the high street. Being on high street would have minimised the need for a high level of engagement through social media, only if you were thriving, however, I wouldn’t be that sure about it. Even the biggest of brands, with the strongest of physical presence, have social media activity, and that too quite extensively these days.

Demonstrating Value

We are reaching the point where we will ask the harder questions: what are you giving your audience that engages them and is of use?

We love bringing a community together, so we naturally attract businesses who like to work in synergy and in collaboration. Out reaching and bringing people together is effective, and not every group has that person who can build and bring together a community. We are that person in our circle, and it has allowed us to grow our influence and hence, business.

If we can build a community for ourselves, we can definitely do it for our clients – that’s what our target audience expects when we start working together.

Effectiveness of Efforts

We have reached the final hurdle.

No customer is going to stick around for ages to see results. Everyone has 24 hours in a day and given how busy are serious people, in our case business leaders, we need to deliver effectively to keep growing.

Automate wherever you can, outsource where possible, and keep things running smoothly.

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