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If you’ve completed and filled in all sections of your LinkedIn profile, good. You’re more than halfway there.

Now, it’s time to add some finishing touches and perfect it; so you can maximise your reach, connect with the right people and create valuable opportunities.

It goes without saying: your LinkedIn profile is the very foundation for your personal branding; so you cannot sell yourself short. We talk more about personal branding, in our YouTube video, here:

Instead, think of LinkedIn as your unique marketing platform and present yourself to your audience exactly how you want to.

To help you give your profile the attention it deserves, here are our top 5 tips to perfect your LinkedIn profile.

1. Use Keywords Wisely

You’ve probably heard “just use keywords if you want to be seen!” a lot.

But if you’re using LinkedIn to look for prospects, you must include the correct keywords to be found by someone, who’s looking for someone just like you – simple right?

To make sure you show up in their searches, put yourself in your audience’s shoes, and think of the keywords they might use to find what you have to offer to fulfil their need.

Then once you have identified what the right keywords are for you, include these in all your profile sections including the headline and summary.

Adjust the words on your profile now, and see how you can expose yourself to way more potential connections and therefore more opportunities for success.

2. Select the “Other” Website Option

When you were filling in your contact information on your profile, you may have noticed you have the option to add links to an external site.

Typically, users would simply add a link to their website, portfolio or blog.

But, if you have more than one profile elsewhere, then why not add them all?

Select the “other” option and input all of your links and show everyone what you’re really about!

3. Customise Profile URL

LinkedIn gives you a bunch of random letters and numbers by default as your profile’s URL.

However, it’s a good idea to customise these so they are in line with your other online profiles.

The main reason being, is this will make it a whole lot easier to find you – it’s a quick, easy way to separate you from the 770 million profiles on the platform!

Not only that, but changing your URL enhances your credibility. The person who is searching for you specifically will be able to do so with ease and as such, make positive assumptions about you like: you pay attention to detail (yes, the small things matter!), you should be taken seriously and you know how to best present yourself.

4. Clean Up Endorsements

Every now and again, people will endorse you for a wide range of skills.

And although this is a positive, as it shows your wider network what other people think you’re good at, you don’t really want the random ones showing on your profile.

So give your profile a quick look now, which endorsements can you see and are they relevant?

By going through and cleaning up your endorsements, you can show your network what you actually want to be known for.

5. Ask for Recommendations 

If you haven’t received as many recommendations as you would like, ask people!

It sounds simple, but LinkedIn has made it very easy to do so with the “ask to be recommended” link.

What’s great is that you can be specific as to what you want to be recommended for, who you want to be recommended by and include your own personal message.

Remember though, if you do ask people for recommendations, make sure you’re selective with who you ask – you can’t ask a random connection you’ve never had any interaction with, that would be weird!

Rather, consider those people who you have worked closely with and the specific skills you want highlighted; don’t be shy and share this in your message.

Finishing Words

So now you know how to perfect your LinkedIn profile, what are you waiting for!?

Go over and make these small but effective edits to your page and reap the benefits of better visibility.

Getting in front of the right people is better than just getting in front of anyone!

Please contact us today if you’d like to know more.

In the meantime, check our LinkedIn Lead Generation Services.

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