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Content is a great way to attract individuals to your brand

There are a multitude of different content types, ranging from blogs to Instagram posts.

And this isn’t shrinking in 2021, with new trends providing new ways to generate content and 

connect with new prospects!

So, here are the top 5 content marketing trends in 2021.

1. Going Live

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the in-person events industry.

As a result, a rise in live-streamed events has followed.

Why? It’s the next best way to host events in spite of social distancing.

This is coupled with the greater accessibility of events.

No longer is geography a factor in whether to attend or not!

Plus it allows for those who prefer to stay at home to join in on all the action.

Using platforms like Instagram Live, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams; going live has never been easier or more accessible.


2. Artificially Generated Content

In 2021, technology is progressing at an ever-increased rate.

In the past decade, self-driving electric cars, voice assistants, and landing-reusable rockets have all made a debut.

However, we must look to the future to prepare for what is to come for content marketing.

In particular, 2021 has seen improvements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to content production, in particular in the field of artificial neural networks (ANN’s).

APIs such as GPT-3 developed by OpenAI allow for automatic text generation based on prompts, speeding up content writing tasks.

3. Same Content, Different Platform

Tired of creating multiple pieces of content for each of your many social platforms? (Same)

Luckily for you (and me), cross-posting has surged in popularity recently.

Cross-posting is when you create one central piece of content and adapt it slightly to post it on different platforms.

One example would be creating a post including an image to celebrate the birthday of your company.

This image could be posted across multiple platforms, slightly adjusting the caption, hashtags, and image size to cater to the different audiences.

4. Building Communities

Communities are groups of people with similar interests, drawn together by the need to meet and discuss these topics with fellow minded individuals.

Given the recent COVID-19 lockdowns, it is no surprise there has been a large rise in online communities.

It is also no surprise that marketers have found the power of communities.

Creating not only a valuable source of earned media but also a way of creating closer connections with their consumers.

Furthermore, it creates a low-noise environment for you to communicate a given message, allowing it to go straight to those interested.

In essence, a community will allow you to build a bigger presence, and allow brand fans to meet and communicate with each other, strengthening their connection with the brand.

5. Providing an Experience

Think of this, you’ve searched something, found a tasty article, clicked, and you become inundated with ads, text, and an annoying page layout!

Frustrating, isn’t it!

Make sure you think about the end-user experience for your content, as it has a large impact on the user’s impression of your brand.

Content is not only a way to boost SEO, but it’s a great way to pique a user’s interest in your offering.

Thus, it is paramount you provide a great experience.

Additional experience improvements include the layout of information, quality of images, and if the content is interactive in any form.


Final Remarks

2020 has been a difficult year, but it has brought along some interesting new content marketing trends.

Feel free to try any of them out and see if they can help make your next post better!

For more information on content marketing, please get in touch today.


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