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SEO without content marketing is like music without soul – just noise.

Before we jump into how the two are connected, let’s take a look at what these terms actually are.

Firstly, SEO is the technical process of boosting website traffic (attracting visitors to your website) and ranking higher in relevant searches.

On the other hand, content marketing focuses on creating valuable content to influence potential customers to take action, through helpful and convincing pieces.

Essentially, SEO works around content marketing; every website needs keywords and substance, therefore in order to be successful – the two must go hand in hand to reach more and more customers.

As a result of Google’s ever-changing algorithms, the elements of a good content marketing strategy is favoured; i.e. new content with good keyword targeting on specific pages.

In fact, an effective SEO strategy now involves creating new content as much as it includes traditional technical factors.

Now we’ve covered the basics, let’s look closely into the SEO benefits of content marketing.


1. More Content = More Keywords

When we look at websites, we can spot what type it is, from eCommerce to business sites or portals, just by looking at pictures.

Unfortunately for Google, it has no way of knowing what a website’s purpose is if it is not written somewhere.

As such, content marketing gives you the opportunity to go beyond the small text on the homepage or alt text descriptions next to photos.

Instead, by creating articles, blog posts, guides or any other written content, you have the ability to use more keywords that are relevant to what your site is and what people are searching for – boosting your ranking in searches!


2. Lower Bounce Rate

When a visitor comes to your website and can’t find what they’re looking for, then leaves straightaway – this is what we call a bounce (the % of people who do this on each page affects your bounce rate).

Consequently, a high bounce rate signals to Google that there is something wrong with your website and can affect your overall SEO.

Ultimately, Google is focused on user experience, and it will not rank a site highly if visitors are going right back to search results.

Don’t worry – this is where content plays a significant role.

When done with proper thought, content can help to combat high bounce rates and mitigate these problems.

For example, one reason your bounce rate may be high is because users do not know where to learn about your products or services.

As such, creating content to introduce your brand, inform users how to get started or offering useful information can keep them on the page for longer, send them to other pages on your site and take away their confusion.

To summarise, content that helps your visitors and keeps them interested will keep them on your site for longer – if it’s too boring or simply does not get to the point, it can drive them away quickly and harm your bounce rate.


3. Achieve New Rankings 

By combining your SEO and content marketing strategy together, you can focus on finding something that has not been done before and rank highly for it.

In other words, unique content can expose your business to long-tail keywords, giving you a better chance to rank in the top positions.

For instance, let’s say you sell dog food online, rather than writing an article on why it tastes good (because it’s been done many times before!), you could write a blog on health benefits a certain ingredient brings to dogs instead.

With this in mind, you should focus on doing a little research, see what people are searching for and create content accordingly.

Doing so will show your authority as an industry leader and because you are offering valuable content, you can finish gentle call-to-action lines, such as “click here to view our wide range of dog food”.

In effect, content marketing can fill the gap in your sales funnel and expose your brand to new audiences, overall increasing your search engine visibility.


Concluding Thoughts

Now that you have a solid understanding of how SEO and content marketing work hand in hand, it’s time to create and implement a new and unified marketing strategy that will give you an edge over your competitors in search rankings.

As SEO evolves, it has to incorporate new factors rather than the number of times a keyword has been used, therefore creating substantial content that your visitors will appreciate, gives you a better chance of securing that number one spot. 


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