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Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and dentists are no exception.

In order to keep your dental practice running smoothly, you need a steady stream of new leads coming in. But generating leads can be a time-consuming process, especially if you’re doing it manually.

That’s where lead automation comes in. In this guide, we will show you how to automate your lead generation process using some of the best tools and techniques out there.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while, this guide has something for you!


1. SEO

One of the greatest methods to automate your sales and marketing efforts is through SEO.

If you provide teeth whitening, for example, you’ll have to figure out what keywords your consumers are searching for and produce content that addresses their search intentions, along with some technical tweaking, e.g. maintaining an acceptable rate of website loading and developing links towards your pages.

You can also use your keyword research to help write and optimise new blog posts, landing pages, or other on-site assets that will assist you get more qualified leads.

Although both SEO and direct sales are not always linked, one of the most effective methods for generating new leads without requiring any effort is SEO in the field of dentistry.


2. Email Marketing

When someone gives you their contact information after a brief introduction, they aren’t always ready to buy from you.

However, you must assume that they will want to buy in the future or recommend you to their close connections as they’ve likely discovered your brand and content during their research phase.

Your email marketing may influence whether or not a consumer chooses your business or a competitor. As a result, you must be utilising it.

To increase your visibility, use email to distribute information that is relevant to prospects’ needs.

This might be a blog entry, a personal email from a rep asking questions about their issues, or an invitation to your next event.

The goal isn’t to pressure them into making a purchase; the objective is to assist your prospect understand why your product is ideal for them.


3. Retargeting

Retargeting is the practice of sending out appeals to people who have previously shown interest in a product or service and reminding them of its excellent features or characteristics that they would otherwise overlook if they don’t buy.

It’s a clever move that takes advantage of data collected over time about your customers’ likes and purchases. It is, in reality, another kind of personalization in practice.

In other words, you are aware of the interest of a person. Now, it’s time to make you the 1st option when they decide to buy.


4. ‘Life Event’ Based Marketing

Wouldn’t you want to reach a potential customer at the exact moment they are more likely to buy?

Think of people about to get married, buying a house, or going to the university – are they more likely to buy your services?

If you can identify major life events that trigger higher buying potential, you can target people who fit that profile. These options are available across social media channels and search engines, e.g. Google. So, if you have campaigns continually running, targeting the right profile of people, you will continually capture them as leads.


5. Sponsoring High End Events

My first thought was: do I know any dentists who run events?

No, I don’t. And right so; if dentists were running events, who will they be inviting, and how will they manage the flow.

However, especially if you are a cosmetic dentist, there is value in sponsoring the right kind of events. Golf clubs, business award ceremonies, charity balls – any events where the right kind of people, for your business, are present.

Plus, if you then use content from these events and amplify with your own marketing, your lead generation is going to go through the roof, while developing your brand.


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