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Workplace culture is increasingly important to potential employees when choosing a job. 

They want to know what the work environment is like, what the company values, and what the team is like. 

If you’re a dental practice looking to attract new talent, you need to showcase your workplace culture on your website and social media platforms. 

In this blog post, we will give you tips on how to do that!


1. Clearly Communicate What Makes Your Practice Special

Any dental practice can boast they have the best culture, but to set yourself apart on social media, you need to promote the specifics behind it, like your core values or unique benefits and activities. 

To do this on social media:

  • State what your values are and what they mean
  • Interview other dentists, nurses, reception staff etc. about what the core values mean to them
  • Showcase the staff members who go above and beyond
  • Create infographics to highlight different aspects of your benefits package
  • Post pictures of team-building events to show your culture in action


2. Choose Social Media Platforms

You may get more mileage out of your postings on company culture than standard advertising since they are less restricted in terms of tone and design. 

However, on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll find a wider range of ages than on Facebook, for example. 

Let’s say you want to congratulate someone in your dental practice on a work achievement – LinkedIn would be a great place to do this. 

On the other hand, if you’re showing off pictures from your latest bowling night – consider Instagram. But if you want to start a conversation about how to build better relationships with your dental team, then Twitter would be the ideal platform. 

To put it simply, the purpose of your post should influence the platform you choose to publish on.


3. Create a Social Media Calendar

Many social media services are intended to allow you to publish short, off-the-cuff remarks about whatever is on your mind or in reaction to current events. 

Candid photographs of in-practice gatherings and events are excellent material for those sorts of impromptu culture-focused stories.

But to fully take advantage of social media, you’ll need a continuous, planned social media calendar that showcases your team’s culture as a whole. 

By consistently posting quality content, you can increase engagement, shares and visibility and therefore attract the right talent for your dental practice.


4. Mix Your Content Up

Promoting a good work environment might include posting messages and statements about causes or issues you support and believe in, as well as sharing messaging from like-minded businesses in the dental industry. 

In get-to-know style postings, show off the distinct personalities of your employees. 

It’s a fantastic approach to express how important your team members are to you. 

Giving your employees the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a setting that you created is a wonderful method to show how much you appreciate their commitment to the practice; short videos, memes, infographics and quotations are some other examples of culture-related content.


5. Encourage Your Team to Like and Share

The more positive your company culture is, the more likely your employees are to engage in sharing, commenting, and liking your posts. 

Having a team that wants to contribute and advocate for your dental practice is critical in expanding your social media reach via new talent and sales prospects. 

But it also works in the other direction; if businesses don’t put effort into understanding their culture or developing good workplace relationships, they won’t get much support when asking for likes and shares.


Start Sharing!

The content and tone of culture posts will vary between businesses. 

However, these tips above are a great starting point for any dental practice trying to work out how to communicate the workplace culture, deciding how and where to showcase it, and developing a plan to promote it.


To find out more, please get in touch today.

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