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Agile” is not a new concept.

In fact, Agile Software Development has existed since 2001. The original idea behind Agile Software Development was to bridge the gap between software development and business development; the two areas seemed to work on different wavelengths. And agile has been instrumental in bridging that gap.

Soon, practitioners realised that the concept of agility is more of a culture that can be translated into other areas of business and management.

Now, you will find aspects of agile in HR, finance, and even marketing.

So, we thought: why don’t we share the values of agile marketing.


1. Focus on Value

For a long time, quantity has been the game in marketing.

We continually saw this in everything from the size of blogs to how many hours were spent optimising campaigns.

But, more doesn’t always mean better; value should always be the focus.


2. Early and Often Value

Perfection is not a realisation; perfection is a journey.

So, in marketing, you should not be chasing pixel perfect images and trying to please everyone.

Not only is such a mentality costly, it also wastes too much time without real market execution.

And, imagine creating something that you are greatly proud of; spending excessive time and money; and the market doesn’t like it? (This happens more often than you think).

So, roll out your ideas and keep improving them.


3. Continuous Learning

Why do you do things the way you do?

Is it because you know that’s the best way to do it, or is it because that’s how you have always done it?

In short, move away from complacency and add some experimentation at every stage.

However, back each of your steps with data and demonstrate your learning.


4. Cross-Functional Collaborations

In traditional business structures, people work in their silos.

However, businesses are realising that doing so hurts communication; and when ultimately things go wrong: the blame does the rounds with rarely a fruitful solution.

In reality, people across every department can add knowledge and value to marketing. So, there’s great value in bringing people together and promoting cross-functional collaborations.


5. Continuous Change

If you have survived the pandemic, you know the value of continuous change.

More specifically, now you know the value of change as an accepted reality.

Applying this mentality to marketing, your plans need to be flexible and ready to go when the crunch comes.


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