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The mission of our business is to grow the business of our partners. This, inadvertently, grows our business too.

Our business proposition is mutually beneficial. But, things don’t just happen; we make them happen.

We will love to tell you that the starting point is just thinking about it. But, that will be a lie.

Foundations of Business Growth

The foundation of business growth is time management. All the efforts in the world will not lead to results if opportunities are not managed. Everyone from solo entrepreneurs to billionaires have one thing in common. There are only 24 hours in the day.

Simply put, you must have time in the day to look at opportunities of growth, rather than just working on what you have on hand. Growth stops at the point where you run out of working time. But, opportunities are always around.

And, if you are not managing that time, you are not pouncing on the opportunities.

Time Management in Digital Marketing

Some digital marketing companies will say that marketing is the most important part for the success of a business.

However, at Axies Digital, we say that it is time management. We make our processes Lean, or agile if you prefer that term, to be more effective with our personalisation strategy. We talk more about this on another blog, that you can find here.

You should be able to spread your time across the business, social media, personal / individual networking, and beyond. Sounds difficult?

Time Management Tips

Here are 3 tips to better usage of your time

  1. Create lists. They are more effective than they sound. However, only write down 5 to 6 most important tasks. Overfilling your list with over 15 tasks becomes long and unachievable. If your list starts expanding, look to delegate the less important tasks.
  2. Do not schedule everything. You should not create an environment for your employees where they cannot talk to you for a minute. In some cases, scheduling a coffee conversation takes longer than the talk itself. With customers though, schedule the serious conversations on a regular basis and do not allow anyone to add meetings to your timetable. Things get out of hand quickly.
  3. Outsource the services that can be done better by others.

For instance, get in touch with Axies Digital to manage your marketing strategy. We provide a top notch service based on customer psychology and data. This creates a gateway to connect you with further customers.

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