Xapsys Campaign

Graphic Design

About Their Business

Xapsys is a cloud based customer relationship management system that integrates with ERP systems such as Sage. Their experienced team has knowledge of manufacturing and uses that to create bespoke solutions for customers across the UK.

Xapsys CRM features real-time data, customisable dashboards, and large integration support. Plus a whole host of other perks.

The Creative Challenge

The team at Xapsys were looking to target more manufacturers and wanted campaign assets to help highlight how they solved problems within that industry. It was important the campaign assets fit into Xapsys’ wider brand, and that the messaging was relatable for people within manufacturing.

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The Creative Process


Before starting, we had several meetings and a tour of Xapsys’ facilities in order to best understand their product and their customer’s pain points. During this period, we finalised the four key areas we wanted to highlight across the campaign.

We also got a better understanding of their visual style, and what was required to create assets that fit into the wider picture.


We designed four pieces, based on the four situations we wanted to highlight as mentioned previously. Each with its own “character” and QR Code to a relevant web page. Visually all four remained in the same style, as they formed a bigger picture when put together.


By the end, we had created 4 pieces to send out to prospective manufacturing customers, all of whom could find the characters depicted in relatable situations. These helped to improve Xapsys’ brand awareness within manufacturing and to raise awareness of what kind of problems they solve.

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