About Their Business

MWS design, manufacture, install and maintain weighing equipment across the UK, and have been doing so since 1998.

They work with some of the UK’s biggest brands, such as Samworth Brothers and Weetabix, to save money and reduce waste, all whilst meeting regulatory requirements.

They are also part of the Made in Britain collective, which helps to recognise and promote British manufacturing by utilising one shared, collective mark.

The Creative Challenge

MWS’ brand faced a few key issues. Firstly, it struggled to stand out against the competition and felt dated. This reflected poorly on MWS, as they’re a technical company and need to be seen as modern and up to date with the industry/regulations.

Secondly, there were challenges with some of their creative assets. This ranged from issues with scalability, a lack of all the file types needed today, and no guidance on how it all fits together.

Overall this left a big disparity between how MWS actually is, and how they were reflected via their branding. They wanted to be themselves; bold and innovative.

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The Creative Process


The first stage of the process was meetings and questionnaires. This enabled us to get to know their business better and really nail what the issues were so that we could agree on deliverables.


After that, we worked on the logo. Based on our conversations and looking at the competition, we presented two options.

Once a choice was made, we started working on the wider brand identity. Focusing on seamlessness, strength, innovation, and flexibility. This resulted in us choosing a modern geometric typeface, bold colours, and a fun yet pragmatic tone of voice


Collectively, our efforts have allowed us to appear more modern; helping them to attract new clients and employees alike. They now also have all the necessary documentation and files to build their brand recognition in the long-term.

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