James Ross

Logo Design

About Their Business

James is a commercial insurance broker with over 30 years of experience.

The Creative Challenge

James wanted a new logo for a potential project. Something flexible enough to work on social media, store fronts, the web, and print. Ideally, something bold and red that could fit with the strategic direction.

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The Creative Process


At the start of our process, we had a few discovery meetings with James in order to fully understand his goals, the industry, and what would be considered a success. From our questionnaire, we gained valuable insights into what things to avoid (E.g. Navy) and some elements to potentially include.


We went through around 10-15 iterations of the lettermark until we found the right fit. This process included testing the mark at different scales, on different mediums, and in different colours. In the end, we opted for something that was easy to remember, versatile, and balanced.


We delivered James a logo that fit his needs, plus ideas on how he could build it out into a full identity later down the line. Including a mini brand guideline to help make the most of what he had.

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