Integrity Group

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About Their Business

Founded in 2020, Integrity Group aims to disrupt the business finance and acquisition advisory market with their unique approach. Their highly experienced team has a track record of success and takes pride in their fresh thinking and exceptional results.

They advise on areas such as; business loans, working capital, asset finance, disposals, acquisitions, valuations, forecasting and auditing.

The Creative Challenge

Integrity Group came to us to create a new website that explained what exactly they do. Acting as a hub for potential customers to get in touch, read more about the team and gain insights into their unique approach. They wanted a website that was modern and concise, without too many visual financial tropes.

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The Creative Process


As part of our research, we had multiple meetings and questionnaires to discover how they wanted to website to look and feel. This included moodboarding and feedback to get a clearer understanding of what direction to take overall.


After our research we knew which visual direction to take the website in, so turned our attention to the sitemap and wireframes. We collectively finalised what pages and content we would have and how it would be structured.

Overall we went with quite a minimalistic approach, this was because of the lack of an “identity” present when we started, plus to allow for the words and results to shine most bright.


Ultimately, we believe to have produced a website that really conveys what Integrity group is all about. It emphasises all the relevant information without feeling overwhelming and helps to improve trust for Integrity Group’s target audience.

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