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Hugo Energy App makes it easy for households to monitor, analyse and optimise their electricity and/or gas consumption. Featuring an interactive interface, Hugo connects with smart metres to provide customers with accurate usage data on a yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily basis. This allows users to better understand their energy consumption patterns, reduce their carbon footprint and save on utility bills. With Hugo, smart energy management is effortless.

The Challenge

At the time Hugo came to Axies, the app already had 25,000 downloads, gaining 100 downloads per day for a cost of slightly over £1 per download. The challenge set to us was to:

  • Increase app downloads per day, using less than £200 per day on average
  • With a less than 10% increase in cost of downloads

In short, we were expected to make use of the peak winter months when the demand for such an app will be higher.

Hugo Energy App Logo For PPC Case Study

The Results

November 2022

  • Cost: £5,399
  • Conversions: £5,092
  • Cost Per Conversion: £1.06

December 2022

  • Cost: £6,382
  • Conversions: 6,059
  • Cost Per Conversion: £1.05

January 2023

  • Cost: £5,894
  • Conversions: 5,603
  • Cost Per Conversion: £1.05

How We Solved The Problem

With weekly meetings, we understood the target audience of the app and used the following parameters for targeting:

  • Locations: South of Sheffield for the rest of England
  • Age: 25-54 Homeowners

We also decided to spend 10% of the budget on YouTube ads, solely with the purpose of improving brand recognition.

Over time, we also targeted the audience of every parallel app on the market, e.g. British Gas app.

Hugo App has now launched its premium app, targeting individuals with electric cars and homeowners with solar panels. We are now working together to launch the marketing campaign of Hugo Pro, starting in July/August 2023.

We will be working on strategies to target existing customers as well as push further into the untapped market.


Hugo Energy Results

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