Blue Feather Designs

Digital Brochure

About Their Business

Blue Feather Designs offers restaurant, commercial and hospitality interior design, focusing on sustainability.

The Creative Challenge

We ran a competition to give away a free day of design, which Blue Feather Designs won. The challenge was to make a digital brochure showcasing Blue Feather Designs’ projects and services.

With each interior being unique, we wanted our spreads to match the vibe whilst still feeling coherent overall

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The Creative Process

To keep some consistency across the pages, we opted to use the same typeface and baseline grid throughout the brochure.

We took swatches from each project and used them as accent colours, this ensures the interior design is what stands out most.

In order to make the most of the high-quality photography, we used aspect ratios that would best match their contents so the key pieces always remained visible

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