360 Factory


About Their Business

360 Factory provide virtual tours to businesses looking to highlight their unique premises and atmosphere. 360 Factory have a flexible approach, combining creativity with technical skills.

The Creative Challenge

As a startup, 360 Factory needed something that was easy to implement, whilst at the same time allowing them to stand out from the competition. This included a logo that would work as a watermark and in several other formats.

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The Creative Process

Research & Brief

Based upon our research, we found little to no competition using a dark, modern, techy-styled brand identity. After proposing several ideas, we agreed on moving forward with a clean and more futuristic identity to stand out from the crowd.


To get across a sense of movement, we opted for a primary typeface that is bold, futuristic and italic. A combination of dark colours, simple layouts and light dispersion graphics made for a modern and futuristic feel. Camera sensors and the bleeding edge of technology inspired these ideas.

Deliverables & Next Steps

We delivered interactive brand guidelines to 360 Factory that explain how best to utilise all the elements of their brand, plus links to all their logo and application files. Going forward, we will continue to work with 360 Factory on a new website that better highlights their services.

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