Elon Musk had a surprise for Twitter users on Monday – the iconic blue bird logo was replaced by the image of a shiba inu associated with the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, giving rise to speculation that it might be part of an April fool’s day gag. In typical fashion, Musk followed up this tweet with a meme and the official Dogecoin account responded.

The April Fool Day Surprise for Twitter Users

On Monday, US time, users noticed that the logo on Twitter’s homepage and loading screen had been changed to mimic the logo of Dogecoin memecoin cryptocurrency. In response to this change, Elon Musk tweeted out a meme and the official Dogecoin account tweeted “Very currency. Wow. Much Coin. How Money. So Crypto”. Musk has not yet explained the reason for this change, but some users are speculating that it was meant to be an April fool’s day gag that the company was unable to bring in on time on 1st April.

The logo change came just days after Musk petitioned a court in the US to dismiss a lawsuit filed against him by Dogecoin investors for $258bn over an alleged pyramid scheme. According to this complaint, the plaintiffs claim that Musk knew that since 2019 the cryptocurrency had no value, but promoted Dogecoin to profit from its trading. Lawyers for Musk and Tesla have called the lawsuit’s allegations a “fanciful work of fiction” over Musk’s “innocuous and often silly tweets” about Dogecoin.

The value of Dogecoin jumped last year after Musk announced that Tesla merchandise could be bought using it. On changing Twitter’s logo, Dogecoin’s value jumped from US$0.079 to US$0.094, the highest value the currency has been since November of last year. According to a leaked internal memo, Twitter is now worth less than US$20bn, under half what Musk paid for it six months ago.

How Did People Accept It?

The logo change was met with both confusion and delight from Twitter users. Some users questioned the company’s decision to make such a drastic change, while others embraced it as an opportunity for some creative fun. Many Dogecoin supporters also welcomed the change, viewing it as a validation of their investment in the cryptocurrency. It remains to be seen how long the logo will remain and what further implications this change may have. But it seems like the new logo is to stay for the time being, at least until Twitter decides to reverse it.


Musk’s tweet and the Dogecoin logo change on Twitter have sparked off a flurry of speculation. Whatever his reasons for the sudden logo change, it seems clear that Elon Musk still has an eye on the cryptocurrency market and his influence over its fortunes is far from waning. 

While Twitter has yet to explain the true reason behind this April fool’s day failure, it is likely that the mystery will be solved soon. Until then, investors and enthusiasts alike should keep an eye on Musk and Dogecoin to see what happens next.