After an intense fortnight of voting spanning four rounds, TSB‘s groundbreaking marketing campaign, ‘The Elephant in the Room,’ has emerged as the undisputed favourite of 2023. 

This innovative campaign, which bravely tackles financial taboos and introduces a charming new brand mascot, has captured the hearts and minds of the public, securing a resounding victory over Guinness‘ singing pints of stout in the final round. 

In this feature, we will delve deeper into the success story of ‘The Elephant in the Room,’ its journey, and the impact it is making on the marketing landscape.

A Fresh Start for TSB

In 2023, TSB embarked on a mission to refresh its brand following a long-standing partnership with the renowned actor, David Schwimmer

The objective was clear: to realign the bank’s marketing strategy with the goal of sparking conversations about money. 

The decision to rebrand was rooted in extensive market research that revealed a need to address long-held misperceptions of finance and demystify complex financial topics.


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Tiny the Elephant: Breaking Down Barriers

Tiny, brought to life with the voice of actor Daisy May Cooper, serves as the embodiment of TSB’s commitment to challenging misconceptions about finance and bringing buried questions to the forefront. 

In testing, an impressive 74% of respondents found the mascot ‘likeable’ or ‘really likeable.’ Furthermore, Tiny’s design was meticulously crafted to ensure it could stand the test of time and serve as a timeless symbol of TSB’s brand identity.

Competition and Mascot Magic

Before clinching the top spot, TSB’s campaign and Guinness’ creative went head-to-head with fierce competitors, including Barbie, McDonald’s, and Heinz, all of which featured prominently in Marketing Week‘s list of top campaigns for 2023. 

This fierce competition underscores the campaign’s outstanding achievement and the public’s embrace of Tiny the Elephant. 

What’s more, research has indicated that well-executed mascot characters can attract new customers, boost market share, and even reduce price sensitivity, particularly in B2B marketing.

A Long-Term Vision

TSB’s marketing performance and planning manager emphasised the bank’s commitment to a long-term approach. Their vision extends beyond the immediate future, focusing on the next three years rather than just the next one. 

The development of Tiny was aligned with the goal of long-term customer acquisition, aiming to create a brand mascot that would continue to resonate with audiences for years to come.

Educational Impact

TSB’s in-school program, aimed at bringing financial knowledge to young people, benefits greatly from Tiny’s versatility. 

The TSB CMO believes that the character adds an element of playfulness to this educational initiative, making financial education more engaging and relatable to the younger generation. 

This initiative reflects TSB’s broader commitment to financial literacy and its desire to create a lasting impact on future generations.


In a marketing landscape filled with bold ideas and creative campaigns, TSB’s ‘The Elephant in the Room’ has risen to the top as the favourite of 2023. This campaign, driven by the introduction of Tiny the Elephant, has not only challenged financial taboos but also positioned TSB for a long-lasting impact on its customers and the industry. 

As mascots continue to prove their worth in the world of marketing, Tiny stands tall as a symbol of innovation, bravery, and a commitment to shifting perceptions about finance. 

With a clear focus on the future and an educational agenda, TSB has undoubtedly set a new standard for marketing excellence in 2023, reinforcing the notion that marketing campaigns with a character like Tiny can transform the way brands connect with their audience and promote meaningful conversations about money.