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What if we tell you that you can compare Tinder to any social network? Stay with us.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and so on are all very similar to tinder. How?

At their core, all digital networks are matchmakers and bring individuals and groups together. In all these cases, there are algorithms and Elo systems involved.

These platforms have invested a huge amount of time and effort into high-level scientists and data management systems that build an understanding of what it takes to make a long term relationship. And, we can learn a lot from this from a business perspective too.

Creating and Developing Relationships

Every business is, or at least should be, about creating and developing relationships.

Think about your best friend. At what point did you form a deep level of trust that translated into this relationship? If you start thinking about this question, you will start seeing smaller instances that led to the final product.

Similarly, if you treat business and business relations in the same manner, you form deeper connections, and simply better businesses.

Similarities between Developing Relationships and Businesses

Relationships and businesses start from similar grounds. They usually start from a high level of interests and common beliefs between two parties.

Sadly, many people still don’t see businesses in the same light, and try to act differently.

For instance, there are individuals that go onto YouTube and share content of how to scale your business without an appreciation for real engagement. We are not saying that these tactics don’t work, but building relationships is far more effective.

Generally, the fast money making tactics throw data and stats of how much money you could potentially make. There are usually some higher level courses thrown into the mix, with the sole aim of taking money from you. But, once you have tried these strategies for a period of time, you realise that the reality is far different.

We bring the long term mentality into digital and real life businesses. We believe that the two systems are connected anyways.

Digital Experiences for Business

The aim of the game for digital experiences is to turn them into real.

Speak to any proper business individual and they will tell you that networking and forming authentic relationships with the best people is what has allowed them to grow their business. Social media and digital networks are a way to conveniently start the process of doing so.

Every platform from shaper to Google has its own niche. So, to convert individuals into a real life connection, a bespoke strategy must be deployed.

Businesses who are in it for the long, sustainable run, we advocate creating long-term relationships of quality over quantity.

On Facebook and LinkedIn, you can spend the whole day sending friend requests and you may get a couple of people accepting your request. But, the level of engagement will be so limited that you’re wasting your time.

Take your time with the process.

How annoying is it when someone instantly asks you to meet for coffee over social media? Unless they were the last person on Earth, no chance.

With so many other things going on, build an excitement and purpose before you go in for the kill. It’s the equivalent of starting a pickup line with a marriage proposal.

In reality, you should start with some small talk, find some common interests, set up a couple or calls before you ask a person to go out for coffee with you.

The rules are different on some platforms though. You can go for the kill quicker on Tinder, but the kill won’t still be a marriage or having kids with someone. Take your time.

Reiteration of Building Business Relationships

The bottom-line is that every campaign must be bespoke for the appropriate platform, with the common goal of building relationships within an appropriate circle.

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