In a seismic shift for the live entertainment industry, TikTok and Ticketmaster are proud to announce the expansion of their groundbreaking partnership into 20 new countries, following the initial launch in the United States in August 2022. 

This remarkable collaboration now empowers users to not only discover but also purchase event tickets directly within the TikTok app, revolutionising the way people experience live entertainment.

Taking the World by Storm

The TikTok-Ticketmaster juggernaut, which already created waves in the United States, is now making a global splash.

Users in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden are now part of this seamless ticketing revolution.

Empowering Artists on TikTok

This expansion extends a lifeline to artists who can now use the Ticketmaster ticketing feature to bolster their live performances. 

Musicians on TikTok in the aforementioned countries can seamlessly embed their Ticketmaster event links into their videos before sharing, giving them a powerful tool to expand their reach and fanbase.

Success Stories and Views Galore

Since its beta launch, the TikTok-Ticketmaster partnership has witnessed nothing short of a ticketing renaissance. Ticketing campaigns for artists, both budding and renowned, have yielded spectacular results. 

The likes of Niall Horan, The Kooks, Burna Boy, Bianca Costa, Grand Corps Malade, DJ Snake, and Shania Twain have all benefited from this pioneering partnership, successfully selling tickets directly to their fans within the TikTok app.

However, impressively, the impact transcends mere ticket sales; it’s an engagement phenomenon. Over 2.5 billion views of videos utilising the in-app features have been logged, as TikTok users enthusiastically embrace the seamless integration of event discovery and ticket purchasing.


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A Revolution in Live Events

Speaking about the partnership, TikTok’s Global Music Partnership Development Lead remarked that by enabling fans to buy tickets directly through TikTok, they are giving artists the opportunity to reach ticket buyers in a whole new way and change the game for live events around the world. 

What’s more, this transformation promises to bring fans closer to the artists and events they adore, delivering value to artists at all stages of their careers and expanding opportunities for an ever-growing fanbase.

Not the First, but Leading the Pack

While the TikTok-Ticketmaster partnership is indeed trailblazing, Ticketmaster has also forged alliances with other major platforms in recent years. 

A partnership with Snapchat helps users discover live events nearby, while YouTube allows users to find Ticketmaster events directly on the watch page. 

Additionally, Ticketmaster also has a deal with Spotify, offering personalised event recommendations to its users.


In a world where technology continually reshapes the way individuals connect with artists and experience live entertainment, the TikTok-Ticketmaster partnership stands as a symbol of relentless innovation

With the expansion into 20 new countries and the astounding success witnessed in its early stages, this collaboration is poised to redefine the live events industry, providing artists and fans alike with a richer, more accessible, and interconnected experience. 

Moreover, as artists and fans come together on TikTok, the future of live events has never looked more promising and dynamic.