In a dazzling display of holiday spirit, Tesco brought its festive TV advert to life last week in a showstopping Out-of-Home (OOH) activation at London‘s bustling Kings Cross station

Commuters found themselves immersed in a winter wonderland, all in a bid to help them ‘become more Christmas.’

From Billboard to Christmas Extravaganza

What started as an everyday billboard featuring some of the highlights from Tesco’s Christmas product range soon evolved into a larger-than-life activation that left commuters in awe. 

As part of Tesco’s ‘Become More Christmas’ campaign, the transformation unfolded over a mesmerising 48-hour period, featuring digital screens, interactive performers, and even delightful festive food and drink sampling.

Collaborative Creativity at Its Finest

The magic behind this transformation was made possible by a collaboration between creative agencies BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty), Kinetic, N2O, and EssenceMediacom

BBH’s team of innovative minds conceptualised the campaign, while Kinetic brought it to life with cutting-edge technology. N2O and EssenceMediacom played crucial roles in orchestrating the interactive elements of the activation.

The Evolution of the Billboard

The initial digital billboard slowly filled up with imagery of a lavish Tesco’s festive banquet. 

As time passed, the banquet became more sumptuous, with giant baubles, stars, Christmas trees, and fairy lights eventually spilling out onto the station concourse. 

The transformation was a marvel of modern technology and design, captivating the attention of all who passed by.

A Choral Finale to Remember

The OOH experience reached its pinnacle on December 15th when a talented choir serenaded commuters with heartwarming Christmas carols. 

Their harmonious voices filled the station, creating an atmosphere that was nothing short of magical. It was the perfect touch to complete the immersive experience.

Tailored Advertising and an Invitation to Tesco

Across both roadside and rail, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) ads, Kinetic and, employed anonymized first-party data from Tesco Clubcard to ensure that the most relevant and appealing creative was displayed to each audience. 

Not only did the digital billboards captivate commuters, but they also provided directions to the nearest Tesco store, inviting everyone to continue their festive journey at their nearest Tesco location.

Beyond the Poster: A Transformative Experience

Kinetic’s representative expressed that the installation transcended the confines of a typical billboard, blending key digital and experiential elements to transform the station concourse of one of the United Kingdom‘s busiest railway stations into a holiday extravaganza. 

What’s more, the sensory overload left commuters in awe as they stepped into a Christmas dreamscape, engaging with performers and savouring the festive treats on offer.

Tesco’s Unique Perspective on the Holiday Season

Tesco’s Group Customer Director highlighted that their campaign was built around the insight that the lead-up to Christmas can be just as exciting as the big day itself. 

They emphasised that regardless of whether commuters were already in full-on Christmas mode, just warming up, or not there yet, they hoped the experience, complete with delicious food samples, went a long way in helping everyone ‘Become More Christmas.’


A taste of the festivities happening at the Tesco Christmas Markets 🍬🥧🎄 For all of the ways we’re helping you BecomeMoreChristmas. Visit the link

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Conclusion: A Magical Christmas Transformation

Tesco’s stunning OOH activation at Kings Cross station stands as a testament to the power of collaborative creativity and the ability to immerse commuters in the holiday spirit. 

With a gradual transformation that turned a simple billboard into a Christmas spectacle, Tesco successfully extended its ‘Become More Christmas’ campaign beyond the frame of a poster and onto the concourse of one of the UK’s busiest railway stations. 

As we approach the holiday season, Tesco reminds us that the journey to Christmas can be just as enchanting as the destination, leaving commuters with a taste of festive delights and a memorable experience that truly helps them ‘Become More Christmas.’