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Businesses went through a phase in the 1980s where the focus shifted on results, instead of carefully constructing a journey.

As a result, businesses, even now, receive resumes with terms such as “results-oriented professional” or “superior communicator”. But, times have changed.

Portraying oneself as merely results-oriented is simply not human. We are far more than a number on a paper or a robot whose story started in a lab.

You and your business are unique entities with their own story and you need to learn the craft of telling this story.

Story Telling as a Business

So, if humans need to be story-oriented and long-term focused, how can it be okay for businesses to only think of the next quarter or the next job that pays off the bills?

Aren’t businesses an extension of ourselves that grow through our sweat, blood and tears; showing what we stand for?

Yes, they are and therefore, the key to successful business is a focus on long-term goals. See here how to tell a great magical story of your long term goals.

Benefits of Long Term Focus

There is a lot of talk around long term focus.

Still, when we look around us, all we see in marketing is the want for quick results.

Even now, businesses fail to understand that longevity is more important than cutting corners.

Short term actions, such as doing your basic SEO and social media posts, have their own place. But, the pursuit of only tiny goals will make you miss the bigger picture, i.e. to become a successful business.

And, that is not it.

Long term focus has other simpler benefits too, e.g. clarity on organisational mentality and allowing time to become effective.

Also, research suggests that clients are more willing to do business with you when they are clear about what you actually do.

If your focus was only on the next big thing, pursued by every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in business, the chances of you getting lost in the jungle of options are immense. In contrast, if you spend time on crafting your direction and make it clear to your employees and organisation in general, you dramatically increase your chances of running a successful business by presenting a clear picture to your current and potential clients.

Working Towards a Sustainable Model

The best line I have read to convince me towards long term focus is: “Recessions are short term. Recoveries are long term”.

When a recession hits, all the available money in the market opens up to the ones that played their cards right and planned long term, i.e. the successful businesses.

Working on a sustainable model that works for your business will enable you to ride tides and secure your existence, as well as long term profits. Do you have the necessary long term focus and vision to run a successful business?

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