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The inspiration for this blog came from an article on Self by Dana Corriel. Dana explains how, as a doctor, she felt like there was no place for her on social media. But, over time, she learnt the value of being there. You can read the original article here.


If you feel out of place when using social media, you have come to the right place for inspiration.

There was a time we could shy away from using social media. You may have even thought that social media was not for a person like you. But, over time, you felt compelled to use the platforms.

My story went the other way. Or, at least through a couple more turns.

As a 27 year old now, the rise of social media coincided with the start of my adult life. Like most people of my age, my initial use of social media now feels like a waste of time and idiotic. And, probably, that is why, over time, I distanced myself from the platform.

But, then you see things that compel you to come back.

The Falsehoods

If you think that social media is full of falsehoods today, the situation has never been different.

Possibly, at certain times, falsehoods, e.g. fake news, were more prominent. But, they have existed in one form or another.

I have already covered my initial use of social media. But, with slight maturity, I did not leave straight away.

What I can only describe now as “taking the mick”, I turned into a troll. And, my trolling was based on calling out any form of falsehood; any form of idiotic behaviour. (I am thankful for Facebook’s Memories tab. It gives me the opportunity to get rid of some old embarrassing stuff. On a positive note, it also allows me to re-share some interesting pictures from the past).

But, over time, I lost my energy. Or, I simply got busy elsewhere. And, social media took the backseat.

Then, the professional era came. But, this time, I went about it differently.

Professional Falsehoods

Social media is full of professional falsehoods too.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about business. A lot of these opinions are based on unbacked claims and selling something. Once again, most of this stuff is idiotic.

But, I do not feel like going around and calling people on it in the comment sections. I simply use social media to put my own voice out there. (Put simply, I am not trying to pick fights. I just let them be. It’s a free market).

And, with the business now, my voice is the medium of imparting my professional message. As an added positive, if it resonates well with someone, it turns into something long term.

Concluding Remarks

So, here you go. Social media is the platform to put your voice out there – to cut through the noise – to share your expertise. If you share, at least some people will listen.

(For some reason, the idiots are always louder. Don’t just let them be the only voice).

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