The advancements in technology have impacted how we commemorate special occasions. A good illustration is the increasing trend of using ‘smart rings’. Smart rings are a new type of wedding technology that combine tech and romance in an innovative manner.

This wearable electronic device has similar features to a smartwatch, such as the ability to track your heartbeat and make contactless payments, although certain smart rings offer additional functionalities.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes smart rings so popular, and why they’re the latest wedding trend.

What Are Smart Rings and What Can They Do?

Smart rings are trendy devices that do more than simply tell time. They enable you to monitor fitness activities, get notifications, and manage smart home devices all from your finger.

However, some smart rings are crafted specifically for romance, with The HB Ring being one such example. The Touch, a Czech company, has created this rechargeable ring that has gained significant interest around the world.

The HB Ring allows users to experience the sensation of their partner’s heartbeat, even from afar, with the rings working by connecting via Bluetooth, to an app on your smartphone. 

With just one simple press, the ring will begin to pulse while the app displays a red line that moves in time with your loved one’s heartbeat, allowing you to both feel it and see it in real-time.

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What Other Tech Does The Touch Offer?

The HB Ring is popular not just for its romantic features, but also for its impressive technology. The tech sector it belongs to is experiencing rapid growth, with a yearly increase in global sales of 21%. 

Though, the HB Ring is not the only new product in this category. Another innovation that has also been launched is The Touch Locket, also by The Touch company. It is designed to be worn as a necklace, while offering the same connection technology as the smart rings.

For those who still prefer and desire to continue wearing traditional wedding rings, the Touch Locket can be a great alternative to choose.

Why Would Engaged Couples Consider Smart Rings?

Engaged couples are exploring the option of using smart rings to enhance the romantic aspect of their wedding, as smart rings offer a unique way to create lasting memories of the day, along with other special occasions.

Feeling your partner’s heartbeat allows you to stay romantically connected, even if you are at a distance. Also, for couples in long-distance relationships, smart rings offer a special way to stay close, and still create unforgettable memories.

Wedding trends are seeing a rise in popularity of including technology, as it offers a unique and modern touch to the special day. 

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How Else Has Tech Infiltrated the Wedding Industry?

More and more couples are incorporating technology into their wedding celebrations, by including the use of drones for photography and utilising digital tools to assist with wedding planning, such as budget management and arranging seating.

Due to people conducting a significant portion of their lives on smartphones, technology has become increasingly prevalent on wedding days, infiltrating many significant aspects of the occasion, including the overall planning.

According to a report, 33% of UK couples send their wedding invitations through WhatsApp, and 60% announce their engagement on social media. Also, a few couples are even utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to compose their wedding speeches and vows.

Also, to save money amidst the increasing inflation, couples can and are opting to use technology to send out e-invitations, rather than posting out paper ones. This is definitely a positive though, as it offers a huge environmental benefit.

Are Smart Rings Steering Too Far Away From Traditional Weddings?

Some couples may be concerned that incorporating a smart ring and other technology in their wedding ceremonies could be straying too far from traditional values. However, some people may view it as a development or modernisation of tradition

Throughout time, couples have endeavoured to make their special day memorable by incorporating music and decorations, and technology can now serve as a contemporary and enhanced method of achieving this.

What Are The Disadvantages of Smart Rings?

Although smart rings can be a unique method to stay connected as a couple, there are also some possible drawbacks to consider. Technology can be expensive, and not everyone may be able to afford it, especially considering the already high costs of weddings.

Moreover, it’s necessary to charge the rings on a regular basis. This implies that just like any other technological device, they will not function properly once their battery is low, or at all if it completely runs out. This could be potentially problematic if that occurs while away from a suitable charging point.


Smart rings are an intriguing demonstration of how technology can combine with love. Innovative gadgets, like the HB Ring and Touch Locket, have been created as a result of the rapid development in wearable technology.

These innovative rings provide couples with an additional means of being able to stay connected and aid in creating unique moments together, thereby proving that love can successfully coexist with technology.