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(Before we start, let’s clarify one thing. Businesses that want to stay small are not our targets in the first place. But, sometimes, a blog is just about voicing an opinion).

“It’s my passion”.

I have heard this statement from multiple people. (In all fairness, it’s usually the ones struggling to meet ends meet).

I am happy for you that you found your passion. But, passion doesn’t pay the bills.

Combine this with the fact that at least a third of business owners lose their passion while they have less than 10 employees; you have a bumpy future ahead.

In short, if you don’t scale up your business, the loss of passion at some point is a given. And, you are not making much money either while you are suffering.

The Potential

I am not saying that staying small as a business is completely horrible. Of course, there are certain benefits of staying small.

Control, independence, and freedom to make decisions.

But, these are all potentials. In most cases, as a small business, you are so dependent on a few clients that a small change in the circumstances will drive you into the ground.

So, the reality of a small business is quite different.

The Reality

High levels of stress, lack of a regular pay-check or standard of life, and people are often frustrated by the condition of making less than they deserve. But, you can do more.

Do you know the solution to your problems?

The Solution

Make more money.

(I am not one of those people who will stop at that statement. Let’s look at your options too).

Stop treating your business like a romantic fantasy. If you die by over working, no one will write folktales about you. The aim of any business is to provide the right product or service and market it to the right people in order to make money.

And, if you are unable to provide the right product or service, or market to the right people, you need to find the right people to give you the boost.

If you are strong on the technical side but struggle with sales, get a partner.

Similarly, if you need a specialist to launch a new product, offer a partnership to an expert on the project.

And, if you need to market your product better, get in touch with us today. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]