In a monumental leap forward for the beauty industry, Skin + Me, the innovative skincare brand, has just launched its inaugural television advertising campaign. 

In a groundbreaking departure from the conventional practice of employing professional models, Skin + Me is setting a new standard by featuring genuine subscribers in their brand-new campaign, aptly titled “Just For You.” 

This bold move comes exactly one year after the brand secured a substantial £10 million funding injection, emphasising its dedication to amplifying brand awareness and celebrating the remarkable skin journeys of its valued customers.

The Authentic Approach:

Skin + Me’s “Just For You” campaign is a collaborative masterpiece, created in partnership with SNAP video and HERO films. This campaign shines a poignant spotlight on the real-life experiences of three Skin + Me subscribers: Katherine, Edel, and Naomi. 

Directed with finesse by Juliane Taudt and expertly edited by Marta Strauss, this series of three adverts offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of these women. 

It spans from cherished holiday memories and exhilarating nights out to the daily struggle of dealing with blemishes and moments of self-doubt, chronicling their life journeys from childhood to the present day.

Through the Female Gaze:

One of the defining features that sets this campaign apart is its unique perspective, narrated entirely through the female gaze. 

Juliane Taudt, the accomplished director, and her team intentionally bypassed the traditional route of hiring models from modelling agencies. Instead, they meticulously scoured Instagram to find the authentic faces of the campaign. 

This strategic choice allowed them to capture the true essence of their subscribers’ skin journeys and create a genuine sense of authenticity, resonating deeply with viewers.

Authenticity Beyond Advertising:

It’s noteworthy that Edel, Naomi, and Katherine had already been independently documenting their skin journeys with Skin + Me on social media long before the brand approached them for the advert. 

Their impressive results with personalised skincare routines served as a testament to the effectiveness of the brand’s products. 

This campaign, therefore, is not just about marketing; it’s about showcasing real transformations and empowering individuals to embrace their skin in its most natural form.


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The Quest for Authenticity:

Skin + Me’s journey towards this authentic campaign was driven by a sincere desire to redefine the beauty industry‘s standards. 

The overarching goal was to show skin in its most authentic state, free from the filters and digital enhancements that have become the norm. 

Impressively, “Just For You” symbolises a commitment to celebrating the inherent beauty in every individual and breaking away from unrealistic beauty ideals.

The Potential Benefits of Using Subscriber Marketing:

Subscriber marketing, as demonstrated brilliantly by Skin + Me in their “Just For You” campaign, offers a plethora of compelling benefits. 

Firstly, it injects a genuine sense of authenticity into advertising, allowing brands to connect with their audience on a deeper and more personal level. By featuring real subscribers who have experienced tangible results, brands can build trust and credibility among their customer base. 

Moreover, subscriber marketing leverages the power of real-life testimonials, showcasing the product’s effectiveness through real transformations. It also taps into the relatability factor, as viewers can see themselves in the stories of fellow subscribers, fostering a sense of community and empathy. 

Ultimately, this approach not only strengthens brand loyalty but also empowers individuals to embrace their uniqueness, championing a more inclusive and authentic beauty standard.


In an era where beauty often feels synonymous with airbrushed perfection, Skin + Me’s “Just For You” campaign stands as a beacon of authenticity and empowerment. By highlighting the genuine stories of its subscribers, Skin + Me sends a powerful message of self-acceptance and self-confidence

This groundbreaking campaign transcends the realm of marketing; it is a genuine celebration of real people and their real stories. 

What’s more, Skin + Me’s audacious step redefines beauty standards, making “Just For You” not just a campaign, but a transformative movement that encourages us all to embrace our unique skin journeys and appreciate beauty in its most unadulterated form.