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Let’s clear what this blog is not about.

We are not scholars of the kamasutra. We are not going to go into great detail about the connection of two souls when getting intimate. So, if this is what you are looking for, this is not it.

From the business perspective, branding can be seen like sex.

Feelings and Satisfaction

Businesses should aim to build a beautiful relationship with their customers. Your job is to create that uplifting feeling when a person drives a Ferrari or puts on a luxury silk shirt or even eats a fresh gourmet burger. From a satisfaction perspective, sex is one of those feelings too.

(We are not suggesting to have sex with your clients as a business strategy. You are better than that).

So, how do you go around looking to achieve that uplifting feeling for a customer when they engage with your brand?

This is a million dollar question that all businesses should look to answer and execute. No one on our marketing team is married yet. (Some of them have vowed never to get married).

But, from observation, we think that there are two schools of thought surrounding branding.

Porn vs Sex

We see today that many YouTube and social media heroes suggest their courses. They reckon they can deliver millions of pounds as business gurus. (You know the buttocks I’m referring to).

This is comparable to porn. If you think porn is like sex, you are in for a disappointment when the real thing happens. Just keep in mind, no one watches the same pornographic material everyday. Porn is always replaceable. Even the most popular material today will be irrelevant tomorrow.

And, when you start comparing porn to sex, research suggests that societal expectations become unrealistic and short living.

Therefore, we suggesting looking at branding as sex. Through branding, you create an uplifting feeling for your clients through the science of association. You provide a level of satisfaction that keeps bringing people back. You stay in the game for the long run, as long as you are performing well.

Collective Thinking

Your knowledge should not be leveraged to manipulate other individuals but inspire to become the best they can be with the skill set that they have. At Axies Digital, when we work with clients, we look to understand their psychology and background. This allows us to get the best results in their business.

A good friend of mine gave some great relationship advice that can also be applied to business and branding. In a personal relationship, don’t ask your partner what they can do for you but consider what you two do as a collective for each other.

We apply the same thinking to business. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]