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You can find endless content on how to scale your business.

The good thing is, most of this content is geared towards the needs of specific industries and sectors. However, most of such content only covers the positives of growth and success. On the mentality side of scaling business, there are still quite a few gaps.

One such gap is scaling outsourced business services while scaling the business itself.

The Gap Between Scaling a Business & Scaling the Outsourced Services

This may sound quite straightforward, but in reality, things do not follow the desired path.

When scaling business, you need to scale the services you are using too. This understanding of scaling outsourced business services is well understood in some cases. For instance, the accounting needs of a sole trader are quite different from a business with 10 staff members. So, the need for any required change is based on scalability itself.

In some cases, businesses are even open to moving to a different service provider. This happens, especially in cases where the service at the time is specialised to the needs of a specific time. For instance, if an accounting firm specifically works with funded startups, businesses are open to work with a different firm the moment they are out of the startup phase.

However, the same principle needs to be applied to other services too, which isn’t the case. We will be covering this aspect of scaling from a digital marketing perspective.

Scaling Digital Marketing Efforts

From an internal perspective, the way we look at every client is quite similar.

In particular, none of our pitches only covers our services at the time. This means that we are not just interested in the potential of the business in the time and extensively, keep an eye on the future. Ideally, we want to work with businesses who share our growth ideas – scaling over time.

And, this scaling over time means the scaling of our services over time too.

However, we keep seeing businesses that do not share this mentality. From the set go, we have come across businesses who look at marketing as a pure expense rather than an investment. We have talked about this problem in a blog here:

Money Saving in Digital Marketing – The Exaggeration

From the point of growth and from there on, if you want to bring the level of sales you are targeting, your marketing needs to match those standards. As simple as that.

Let’s look at an example.

An SEO + LinkedIn Example

This example closely applies to businesses that need a placeholder before going for the kill.

For instance, one of our projects is building a platform for serviced offices. However, before efforts can be made to go for the serviced offices themselves, in particular commercial property investors and holders, we need to be able to demonstrate that we are bringing the people that are searching for serviced offices.

On a positive note, there is already a search demand for serviced offices on Google.

So, to get in front of potential serviced offices interested parties, Search Engine Optimisation makes an ideal option. Currently, our project is ranking on page 3 on Google in Leicester. However, once we are on page 1, thinking that offices will be automatically enlisted on the site is quite wishful.

So, the next stage of developing the platform will be to use digital platforms, e.g. LinkedIn, to find the commercial property investors. In this case, the sales pitch for the investors itself will include the ranking of the site, showing that there are already eyes on the site. Given that investors struggle to fill in their offices, the sale from here on should be quite simple.

Concluding Remarks

In this example above, you can clearly see that the SEO work itself is incomplete without the LinkedIn addition, and vice versa.

However, this is not always so simple.

In the case of most businesses, this scaling is not clear from the beginning. But, from a logical, business perspective, the mentality of scaling outsourced business services needs to be present from the beginning. And, before we can go for further explaining specific cases, we need the right mentality in place.


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