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Axies Digital was not formed by traditional marketers. In fact, none of the current employees at Axies Digital ever studied marketing at a degree level. We have people from accounting and finance, literature studies, architecture, and even aerospace, bringing their unique skills to our organisation.

Beyond Skills – Towards Understanding

But, it is not even about skills at this point, it is about developing a mutual understanding with our partners. This is what conveys the correct information to us, which then leads to putting the right systems in place to move towards success as a collective.

This is where Axies Digital is different from a traditional, creative digital marketing agency. We put forward our business understanding skills, as compared to the technical. In most cases, our clients don’t even understanding the overly technical language. But, they always want to know about the why of each step we take.

That is why, we take our relationships to real life, building that trust. This helps us understand our clients, but more importantly, they get to know about what we stand for. And, what we stand for is customer value and presentation of the right image for our partners.

Building Long Term Relationships

This deeper understanding of businesses allows us to build long term relationships. It even takes us to a level where we do not need to fall back on traditional sales.

In fact, we are so open about our values that all we need to do is be open with what we stand for. In return, our clients keep finding us and keep wanting to work with us.

And this is what we advocate on a regular basis too. Business is not about making sales, business is about delivering value in an ethical manner – making long term relationships.

Problems with Traditionalists

In some cases, this makes it hard for us to do any conventional sales with old fashioned businesses. They expect to send us a message and receive a quote.

But, that is not how we operate. We are not selling an industrial product, we are delivering a personalised service.

The Positive Ending

On a positive note, this eliminates the kind of businesses that do not suit our culture and do not share our values. Simply, no time is wasted and we can concentrate on our sweet spot in the market.

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