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What is the number 1 factor that stops recruitment agency growth?

Is it the quality of staff, strong competitors, attracting jobs?

Actually, the answer starts within.

You can’t go around competing before getting your lines straight. And, you can’t become great without understanding your industry to the core.

In any case, your biggest problem is not the other big recruitment firm. The real issue is getting the attention of your clients.

The Science of Attention

Your potential clients are going to your competition because they know how to get their attention.

Your competitors are communicating in a language that works. They do not make it about themselves. Because, talking about oneself will be boring. So, your competitors talk about the value they provide.

But the science of attention is not linear. The perspective needs to be tweaked.

Imagine being in a crappy relationship where you are telling the other person how to fix a problem. But, they keep doing the same thing.

How about talking from their perspective? And, how about not talking from an angle that suits you? Even further, how about showing that you understand?

Did you listen to that teacher that screamed at you in school? Or did you prefer the one that showed you that he/she understood your situation?

I am hoping that you preferred the smarter one that read the situation better.

Let’s Specify What You Need to Do

What you need to do is simple.

  1. Get attention from your potential clients
  2. Create an interest in what you are saying
  3. Build trust with the potential clients
  4. Demonstrate commitment to solving the problems of your clients – in this case, providing the right employees.

There are hundreds of employers  who could benefit from your services as a recruitment agency

Why aren’t they flocking to your door?

Why aren’t you massively increasing your managed stock every year?

In the student teacher analogy presented earlier, the teacher has to be inspiring.

Present the right information. Present the information your potential clients will want. And, show that you understand.

So, what are the employers interested in?

  1. They care for their business.
  2. They want their business to grow
  3. They want to hire productive people that add value to the business

But What are the Recruitment Agencies Doing?

They are talking about themselves.

We are the boring people at a party, talking and bragging.

You don’t believe me?

Read your descriptions again. You are talking about the number of offices you have, the number of employees you have, and the fees.

You think you are interesting. But, you are here to solve the problems of your potential clients. Why are you not talking about that?

The World has Changed

We are here to help you with marketing. But, you need to change yourself first.

You have to open your eyes and realise the old ways of marketing don’t work anymore

That isn’t your fault. The world has changed. But, the way recruitment agencies market themselves hasn’t.

It’s time to stand out from the crowd and be the go to letting agent in your playground.

It’s time to become the leading authority on recruitment and that is how you will beat the established agencies.

When you become the authority of the recruitment niche, you will be talking directly to the employers.

Want to find out how to generate more interest from prospective employers?

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