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Let’s start by enlisting the reality of most businesses: you can only sell to a small minority of everyone you come across in business.

However, there is still quite a bit you can do to at least improve your chances of making the sales.

To begin, you can bring more people into your content net to start the process.

Here’s what you need to consider:


1. Most People Will Not Know That You Exist

Unless you are Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola, or a handful of similar companies, most people will not know that you exist.

To be fair, most of us are okay with accepting this bit; we are quite okay with playing our part in the world of business.

The next bit should definitely concern you. And if you can solve the consideration number 2, you will automatically solve this consideration number 1. 


2. Most People Don’t Know What Problems You Are Solving

If you think that people automatically know the problems you are solving, you need to snap out.

And, even if people understand the basics of the problems you are solving, I can bet that most people will not know the details.

As I usually do, I will give you our own example: we do digital marketing; what is digital marketing to you?

Most people will come up with some form of a combination of the following words: online, awareness, clients, etc. etc.

And you will be right for the most part.

But what is I tell you that digital marketing is also a great way to add trackability and measurability to your online efforts; it is a great way to attract talent; you have the highest potential for personalisation; it is a form of generating social currency; and you will have the ability to continually improve your conversion rates.

(I can actually keep going but I think you get what I am trying to say).

So, make sure that you dig deeper when communicating with your potential clients, who don’t know the problems you can solve.

The next bit is slightly more challenging: what if your potential clients don’t know that they have a problem?


3. Many Businesses Don’t Know They Have A Problem

This applies to both current and future problems: some businesses don’t know that they have a problem.

A good example here is GDPR. Just a couple of years ago, when it was announced that GDPR would be coming into force, most people continued with their life until they came across the terminology and the potential ramifications for their business.

And then the interest in GDPR went through the roof.

So, how was this achieved?

Even the most unaware of business leaders are aware of their own identity and have opinions. That’s exactly what you have to play with: connect the problem or coming problem of businesses with their identity and opinions.

In the case of GDPR, the info shared with businesses was around the change of laws; we all know laws govern civilised societies.

And almost all businesses manage data in some way. With the application of GDPR, the way this data is managed had to be changed.

Again, I can give our own example. Let’s say we are trying to push a new website and SEO to a business leader who thinks that they don’t need these services. All we need to do is:

  • Show them the exact data on how many people are searching for the products and services that they sell
  • Show who is ranking for those terms and how the ranking websites look

In 90% cases, the website ranking is of a direct rival, who has seen significant growth in recent times. At this point, the business leaders can add 2 and 2 together and realise where they are lagging.

To put it simply, you need to use the language that your potential customers understand. That is the only way to compel them to realise that they have a problem.

Now, it’s your job to demonstrate that you have the solution for that problem.


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