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A recent article by the Chairman of UAE Space Agency, Ahmad Al Falasi, on Space News made an interesting statement. “Sustainability on Earth depends on our exploration of space”.

That made us think. Solutions are not always at the source of the problem. And, this applies to business too.

Let’s look at some examples.

Acquiring New Clients

This is quite close to our business.

Many people equate the acquisition of new clients from online sources with the amount of traffic they are getting on their website.

And, then the blame game starts.

It is true that the job of a digital marketer is to put the right information in front of the target market and position you on the market at a place of notice. From an SEO perspective, this will be a high ranking on Google, for instance. And from a visual and underlying perspective, this will be the right branding.

But, the traffic itself is not a guarantee for new clients.

When the target audience decides to get in touch, it is now the responsibility of the business to interact and close these deals. You need to make sure that the targets are treated well, are provided the right information, and an effort is put in understanding the needs of the potential client.

(If we are not getting you the traffic and the leads, then yes we are the problem. But, that will not happen with our level of service – that bit is assured with the results we already have. In any case, it is better to sit down and discuss problems, instead of blaming each other. This is how we keep things straight and clear).

Keeping Current Clients Happy

But, what about the current clients. How do we keep them happy?

We have seen time and time again that clients complain about the results or the value of a service.

From a digital marketing company perspective, we have a simple solution to this problem.

Keep your clients informed about what you are doing for them. If you are not providing the details of what is being done, you are letting your clients play the guessing game.

We suggest going a step further. Let your clients know what you have been doing for them in the language they will understand. No one wants to be treated badly and by using a highly technical language, you might be creating a bad taste in the mouth of your clients. (We discuss this further here).

In short, keep it clear, keep them informed.

If the skill you are providing is worth it, you should not be worrying about spilling your beans. Compete over quality, rather than the service itself.

So, most of the time, the problem is not the service itself; the problem is the communication in between.

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