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Progressive enhancement is a web design strategy that focuses on providing a good experience for all users, regardless of the devices they are using or the features their browsers support.

It is a way to build websites that are accessible and user-friendly, while still taking advantage of new technologies and features.

In this blog post, we discuss why progressive enhancement is so important, and how you can use it to create a better website experience for your users.


Application of Progressive Enhancement

The ideal option is to start with the product’s most basic features and work your way up to a stable experience across all platforms using various browsers. We can then implement more sophisticated functionalities once we’ve established solidity.

This way, we can ensure that the end-users are happy with the conclusion, regardless of their computer hardware, internet connection speed, or web browser capabilities.

Overall, progressive enhancement is based on layering a website: HTML, CSS, and then JavaScript.



It is the structural markup of your website, providing meaning to your text. Browsers and screen readers will understand this layer’s structure, but it will also be visible in search engines and voice browsers.

This is the information from web applications and websites.



CSS styles are accessible to all web users with CSS properties supported in their browsers. If the browser doesn’t understand them, it simply ignores them and displays only the previous layer of content.



JavaScript is a programming language that allows for the creation of dynamic and interactive web pages. It also enables you to perform tasks and have interactions with your website’s data.

More specifically, JavaScript enhancements may offer a more engaging user experience for web applications and websites. It has a number of features and improvements that allow your product to be more versatile and enjoyable.

You may, of course, eliminate the JavaScript layer and make yourself fully accessible to more people in this manner.


Importance of Progressive Enhancement


Importance of Progressive Enhancement


1. Enhanced User Experience

The major objective and goal of progressive enhancement is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to the website’s content – whether they have fast or slow Internet connection, are using a desktop or mobile device, or if they updated their browser recently.


2. Improved Conversion Rates

Most people want to convert as many prospects as possible and give their target audience a product that works effectively and looks great.

It is certainly feasible with progressive enhancement. Progressive enhancement allows us to build the product layer by layer, knowing that each one is strong and reliable.


3. Inclusivity

Progressive enhancement is also very inclusive. We live in a society where certain people are unable to afford or obtain better hardware or connectivity.

But, they may also be potential customers, and if we allow them to, they will certainly come to our website.

Every firm must make a decision about how to keep its large client base in mind. Of course, it is a choice for every business owner to ignore the fact that we have ambitious plans for an advanced website. However, we recommend that you carefully consider your options and figure out how to achieve your objectives and ambitions.


Benefits of Progressive Enhancement


Benefits of Progressive Enhancement


1. Accessibility and Performance

Progressive enhancement allows us to provide an accessible and faster experience for our customers.

We must first consider how evolving web technologies will impact us. Every year, there is greater usage of mobile devices – therefore we must keep that in mind.


2. Design Sophistication

Progressive enhancement provides a solid foundation on which to build more sophisticated features.

In this manner, we achieve consistency since our website’s fundamental functionality is always fulfilled, regardless of internet bandwidth or browser version. We create the foundation first and then enhance it in a progressive enhancement style.


3. SEO Benefits

Mentioned accessibility also adheres to SEO principles. Every search engine values websites and web apps that are well-written and easy to access.

The content is always accessible and simple to scan by search engines with progressive improvement.


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