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The idea for this blog comes from a recent article on The New York Times by Aisha Harris. You can read the original article here.


Aisha Harris, rightfully, points out that rewriting the history does not equal being progressive.

In particular, she points at the story change in the recent ‘Aladdin’ movie. In the new version, Princess Jasmine is shown to be more independent.  especially, compared to the earlier version, the whole aim of life for Princess Jasmine is not to get married to a prince and remain a princess. 

Instead, she wants to succeed her father and become the sultan.

Aisha does not consider this whole situation progress because of the overall attitude of Disney.

The Money Grabbing Undertone

Disney is simply taking advantage of our nostalgic feelings.

This is especially true for people between the ages of 20 and 35, who watched the originals of Disney’s recent remakes as kids. All Disney has done with these recent remakes is pick up a template and try to correct what it deems inappropriate in today’s day and age. 

And, no matter how hard you try with such template editing, the final product does not change the past and make the present state progressive.

Why we are talking about all this is because the described situation is also quite common among businesses.

Progressive Business?

What makes a business progressive?

Is it a change of direction to accommodate the demands of the changing market? Or, is it a case of using the sentiments of the day?

Celebrating pride month or cutting out the use of plastic are thin lines. And, if tackled inappropriately, the final product gives the same expression as one from the remakes of Disney – money grabbing and template following.

In short, any effort loses pace as a movement, the moment it becomes a blind follow technique. And, at that point of blind following is when efforts come out as empty gestures. 

A business can only be deemed progressive when it keeps up with time. Not just in a manner that grabs attention, but in a manner that helps internally, improving the lives of your employees, and externally, making matters better for your partners. 

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