The inspiration for this blog comes from an article in The Guardian by Gaby Hinsliff. You can read the original article here.

Marketers have a tendency to go for glittering material. 

And, we do not blame them for it. It is quite a human attribute. 

As a result, names like Primark do not get enough credit for their business and marketing marvels.

To elaborate, while almost every other high street retailer is struggling, Primark is still on the surge.

The Primark Surge

Primark’s sales are actually on the rise. (4% in the last reported period).

What’s more; they have done this without a push for online shopping. 

We are not suggesting that online shopping is not the way forward. However, it is not the only way forward either. 

Online shopping just doesn’t work for Primark. Imagine delivering a shirt that costs £3. In most cases, the delivery charge will be more than the price of that shirt. 

The Marketing Tactics

Recently, Primark opened the biggest clothing store in the world in Birmingham. 

The said clothing store isn’t just a clothing store though. Because of their marketing push, the location has become a bit of a tourist destination. Specifically, people have been known to arrive in coach trips to the location to buy Primark’s clothing.

And, this fanaticism with Primark is not just limited to the UK. I personally have experience of seeing the power of Primark in Madrid. Even with trying to explain the relatively low quality of Primark clothing, my Spanish friends were adamant to keep going back there. 

Primark has been able to convince people to leave their houses and shop the traditional way. We need to wait for a second and think about this achievement in this day and age.

Being Different Pays

While Primark’s competitors, and even other successful businesses, went for aggressive expansion tactics, Primark took its time.

Primark did not jump into the push for online sales and hence, did not develop an expensive delivery system. It did not even spend more on packaging to lure customers in. 

Simply, Primark keeps it simple – in everything. And, by doing so, they have crossed the channel and even expanded to the US.

Primark has made a business out of people that just browse for options. And, that for us, is a marketing, modern day marvel.