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What if I tell you that Einstein’s theory of relativity was influenced by David Hume – the Scottish, 18th Century philosopher?

According to a recently discovered letter, and other recordings of his life, Einstein has described his debt to Hume and other philosophers, from Mach to Schopenhauer, in shaping the way he thought about things.

Living in an era where most people think that philosophy and science are incompatible, and scientists who want to stay as far away as possible from philosophy, this may come as a surprise. And, there is a simple reason for this.

An average human is more attracted to an invention than the expression of the thought behind it. I am willing to extend this notion to – most humans are not intrigued enough by a conversation that surrounds the mere wordification of a thought process.

But, as Kenan Malik puts it, “science is not simply the accumulation of empirical data”. There is always a reason for the way we do things – for the things in life that we pursue. You do not collect data for the sake of collecting data – and you analyse data on the basis of an understanding – an understanding that comes from the perspective of a want or a need.

And Business is no Different

As a business person, if your aim is to sell a product or service just to make money, you will not go far. (I am not suggesting that you will not make any money at all).

Businesses excel when they dig deeper; when they try and understand their target markets and customers; and when they dive into how they should be doing all this.

You do not need to take a philosophical stance on all this, but you must start by straightening your thought process. (The irony here is, not taking a philosophical stance is a philosophical stance in itself – but I won’t go further and confuse you here).

Application in Digital Marketing

Now, let’s connect the discussion with our own business.

We do not see our job as digital marketers to simply rank you number one on Google or make you a beautiful website. We think of ourselves as people who understand the needs of our partners and connect them with the right audience.

If this connection means that you should not be number one on Google – e.g. if you are cost competitive or do not have the capacity to match the demand – we will never tell you to concentrate on SEO.

And, when we talk about data, we talk about understanding the data and executing it too. If you check our London page, it literally says “successful decisions are born from data, but executed with a human touch”.

It’s all about finding the balance, it’s all about thinking about your processes, it’s all about being human centric. Execution is your next stage – but it will be simplified by the act of thinking about it.

Our internal strategy is – once our partners start thinking, half our job is done.

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