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No two humans are the exact same! (By the way, no two humans are completely different either).

We all have differences and express ourselves in unique ways, such as the way in which we speak, dress and behave.

In a similar fashion, customers have different needs.

So, by personalizing your services, you are meeting the customers needs effectively, making the customers journey more enjoyable.

Lack of Personalization

We see examples of a lack of personalisation everywhere.

For instance, Buzzfeed has posted several videos in which differently sized women try on one size fits all clothing.

Most of the time, it doesn’t go the intended way.

From this I learnt that: Yes, one size may fit all! But does it make you comfortable and how is the brand perceived? Think from the perspective from personalised vs mass produced – how do we perceive each of them?

In each of these Buzzfeed videos, at least one woman said yes – it does fit but it’s not me!

This shows the importance of personalizing for your business.

But, personalisation is not a direct science. There has to be some sense behind it.

Here are a few ways in which businesses can get personal.

1. Building a Rapport

It’s important to get to know your customers.

After all, they are investing in your products or services.

People buy not only based on quality but other side factors, e.g. customer service and reputation. So, you need to be able to go through a journey with your customers exploring their needs.

By doing so, you start building a rapport.

And, the better your rapport, the more likely a customer is to recommend you as well as buy more from you!

2. Sell Yourself Before You Sell Your Product

Don’t just recommend all your products to your customers. Tailor it towards their needs.

ASOS has ‘your edit’ section that contains recommended products based on the previous items you bought and looked at. This has not only made my journey as customer faster but shown me that ASOS care enough to find products specifically for me.

But, these recommendations are not out of the blue.

ASOS took the steps to ensure that they understand their clients, built an excellent brand awareness, and instilled a reputation of a unique, caring brand. These steps helped them sell themselves before customers like me were willing to continuously buy their products and even listen to their input.

As a result, ASOS has been able to stir a digital movement without spending a single penny.

Just go and check YouTube for how people are changing their whole styles and rebranding themselves by using the input of ASOS.

3. Allow Customers to Personalise Further

Whether it’s decorating their account e.g. adding a profile image or changing background colour, or even filtering products down, by engaging customers, you are peaking their interest and building a rapport.

But, that is not it.

Further, branding plays an important role in personalization too. To have a strong brand you must be able to connect with customers and create a service that is authentic.

Look at this from a different perspective. Depending on your market, there can be a lot of competition. But, you still have the option to standout. A powerful tool to standout is personalization.

People buy based on how brands make them feel. For example, I went wedding dress shopping, in one store the assistant listened to my needs and wants and got me a variety of dresses whereas in another shop the assistant just pulled out a few dresses she though would suit me. You can guess which one made me feel better.

By personalizing a service, you are not only making the customers journey less stressful but also help as the advisor – bringing that personal feeling.

People want a lifestyle that requires very little effort in the long run. So, incorporating a brand that makes their life easier is important.

For example, with a rise of social media, it’s important to interact with your customers and encouraging customers to share their story. This will create a buzz and enhance your brand image.

The bottom-line is, the market is moving back towards personalisation and saving money is not the top priority anymore. Therefore, you must spend time and effort in understanding your clients and bringing products that make them feel good.

Our Offer – Personalized Marketing

One effective way of understanding your customers is through data and using it in your digital presence.

At Axies Digital, our services are based on reading the market and creating a better understanding of the direction in which the market is moving through digital psychology.

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