As the market for non-alcoholic beer continues to expand, Peroni 0.0%, an import brand owned by Molson Coors, is leveraging its Formula 1 partnership to speed ahead in the U.S. market. 

This strategic move aims to capitalise on the increasing American demand for non-alcoholic beverages and the rising popularity of Formula 1 racing.

Gaining Ground in the Non-Alcoholic Race

Recent data underscores the brand’s upward trajectory. According to Circana, Peroni 0.0% gained nearly three-quarters of a share point in just 13 weeks, ending April 21, 2024, compared to the same period in the previous year. 

This growth indicates a strong consumer response to the brand amidst a growing portfolio of non-alcoholic offerings by Molson Coors.

The Formula 1 Connection: A Vehicle for Growth

The appeal of Formula 1 in the United States is at an all-time high, with the 2023 season attracting an average of 1.1 million viewers per race, nearly doubling the viewership from 2018. 

Peroni 0.0% is harnessing this momentum by deepening its integration within the sport, highlighting its Italian heritage, a move mirrored by the brand’s associations with other iconic Italian brands, such as Ferrari and M.Gemi.

Special Editions and In-Person Activations

In a bid to further entice fans, Peroni 0.0% has launched limited-edition footwear in collaboration with luxury brand M.Gemi, featuring designs that celebrate its racing spirit. 

These shoes are available in two colour schemes – Peroni Red and Peroni Blue – and include distinct design elements, like the race flag motif on the insole and a sleek Peroni tag. 

Additionally, the brand has made significant in-person marketing efforts, such as at the Miami Grand Prix, where fans could engage directly with the brand through unique experiences like taking photos with a replica Ferrari Formula 1 car on a yacht while enjoying Peroni 0.0%.

Digital and Interactive Campaigns Enhance Engagement

To complement its physical marketing strategies, Peroni 0.0% has released a dynamic 30-second digital advertisement that captures the excitement of Formula 1. 

The ad showcases fans’ anticipation and celebration as they enjoy Peroni 0.0% at the start of a race, enhancing the emotional connection with the brand

Furthermore, the campaign is bolstered by interactive elements like the “0.0 to 200 Race Day Challenge” with DraftKings, focused on the U.S. Formula 1 races, cleverly linking the non-alcoholic beer’s brand identity with the thrilling speeds of Formula 1 racing.

Broader Impact on Molson Coors’ Non-Alcoholic Portfolio

The strategic focus on non-alcoholic beverages has significantly impacted Molson Coors’ business outcomes. Over the past 52 weeks, ending March 31, 2024, the company has seen more than a 50% increase in its non-alcoholic beer volume. 

This segment’s growth is further highlighted by the success of Blue Moon Non-Alc, which emerged as the top-selling new non-alcoholic beer in 2024. 

The competitive landscape is heating up with about 30 new non-alcoholic beer options introduced this year, prompting Molson Coors to continue innovating and expanding its non-alcoholic range.

Conclusion: A Winning Formula for Growth

Peroni 0.0%’s integration of Formula 1 into its marketing strategy not only taps into the sport’s growing fan base in the U.S. but also aligns with the broader trend towards healthier lifestyle choices among consumers. 

By combining Italian craftsmanship, the thrill of Formula 1, and innovative marketing strategies, Peroni 0.0% is well-positioned to lead in the non-alcoholic beer market.

As it races ahead, the brand proves that excitement and enjoyment in the beverage industry can be achieved without alcohol, encapsulating the spirit of Formula 1 in every sip.