In a highly-anticipated move, PepsiCo‘s iconic brand, Pepsi, is gearing up for a major transformation set to hit the shelves this spring in the United Kingdom

The UK manufacturer and distributor, Britvic, has officially confirmed this groundbreaking rebrand, marking a significant shift in the world of soft drinks. With a fresh new logo, an exciting colour palette, and a modern typeface, this overhaul is poised to redefine Pepsi’s identity. 

The rebrand, initially unveiled by PepsiCo in March of the previous year, has already made waves in North America. This article will delve deeper into the key details of this bold rebranding strategy and its potential impact on the UK market.

The Rebrand: A Leap into the Future and The UK Rollout

PepsiCo’s announcement last year left no room for ambiguity – this was a rebrand that aimed to be unapologetically current and undeniably Pepsi. 

The soft drink giant made a daring move, embarking on its first logo overhaul in 14 years. The result is a striking new visual identity that reflects Pepsi’s ambition to remain a leader in the ever-evolving world of cola.

Britvic, the proud partner of Pepsi in the UK, has confirmed that the rebrand will grace all formats available in UK grocery, wholesale, and convenience stores starting March 2024, meaning that the revamped Pepsi will soon be in the hands of consumers across the nation.

A Visual Feast: New Packaging, In-Store Experience, A Multi-Faceted Campaign

Beyond just a logo change, Pepsi’s transformation will be evident in every aspect of its presence. New packaging visuals, in-store materials, and displays will showcase the brand’s vibrant new look, showcasing that it’s not just a drink; it’s an experience.

To ensure that this rebranding effort does not go unnoticed, Pepsi will be launching a fully integrated marketing campaign

This campaign will encompass TV, radio, out-of-home, and experiential marketing – a strategic move to engage with consumers on multiple levels and reignite excitement for the brand.

Pepsi’s Vision for the Future and The Retail Perspective

This rebrand is more than just a cosmetic change. It is part of Pepsi’s larger vision to secure long-term growth in the cola category. 

As of the week ending 30 September 2023, the category was valued at a staggering £6 billion in retail. Pepsi aims to be at the forefront of this thriving market, and it believes that the rebrand will play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

What’s more, according to the Britvic retail commercial director, the rejuvenated Pepsi brand presents a significant sales opportunity for retailers. By stocking the revitalised product, retailers can tap into the brand’s renewed appeal and drive sales within the cola category.

A Challenger Mindset with Iconic Roots, Sustainability Commitment and Local Initiatives

The rebrand signifies Pepsi’s challenger mindset and its determination to push culture forward while remaining iconic and timeless. With a new logo and visual identity, the brand aims to capture the attention of younger consumers, ultimately revitalising the category itself.

In addition to the visual transformation, Pepsi is committed to sustainability. The new packaging will feature eco-friendly materials and an emphasis on reducing the brand’s carbon footprint. This aligns with the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible products.

Furthermore, Pepsi’s rebranding efforts will also include support for local communities. The company plans to collaborate with local artists, creators, and small businesses to promote the brand and foster community engagement.


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In the ever-evolving world of beverages, Pepsi’s bold rebranding strategy promises to shake up the UK market. This transformation goes beyond surface-level changes; it represents a brand’s commitment to staying relevant and innovative. 

As the spring of 2024 approaches, consumers can look forward to experiencing Pepsi in a whole new light – bold, vibrant, and undeniably current. 

Get ready to sip on the future of cola, courtesy of Pepsi’s exciting journey into the unknown. With sustainability and community engagement at its core, Pepsi’s rebrand is set to make a lasting impact, both in the market and the hearts of consumers.