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Business owners can be highly skilled when it comes to their products and/or services. But, they need more to succeed in the long run. Without the element of reach, you can’t even sell the most life saving of items. And, that element is reach is created through marketing.

In fact, marketing is at the heart of the growth for a business and this is where it takes real leadership qualities, upgrading to digital leadership in this day and age.

Organisational Leadership – The Case of Manchester United

Do you know the “Offside Rule” in football? You don’t really need to – the jokes about it are dead. But, there are other interesting observations that can be made around football in relation to organisational leadership.

Observing the recent success of Leicester City Football Club in the premiership in the 2015-16 season and the quick succession of victories for Manchester United Football Club since Jose left, you can see that success has surfaced when skill is married with leadership. When the right things are put in place, it feels like everything is coming together, everything works. But, all this is not random.

What we generally see in football is throwing money at problems. But, it doesn’t always work or at least doesn’t work in the long term.

Throwing money at a problem does not solve the leadership challenge in the first place. Jose Mourinho, the former Manchester United football manager, spent hundreds of millions of pounds just on the defenders at United – the issues are still there. Liverpool tried throwing money to win the league too. Their things are finally gelling together with the time spent on building a team by Jurgen Klopp.

Mourinho kept not delivering and after interviews he would suggest that it is because of the defence and lack of quality within the players. And he was believable for some time.

He was initially believable because of his past success – because of winning many trophies – but it comes to a point where you start questioning further – you start questioning the leadership.

And finally, Manchester United went to someone that understands the team better; who was an old star player at the club. Even as the temporary manager, Gunnar Solskjaer has won 9 of the last 10 games and is yet to be defeated. This is not magic. This is someone who understands what was needed at United. He believes in the project.

Watching his interviews you can see the passion within his eyes and the belief in the club, where he allows the players to be expressive and attacking – making football enjoyable – and playing the United way. (I am a Chelsea fan by the way. I am waiting for Lampard to become our manager and repeat the same).

From Football to Digital Marketing

At Axies Digital, we love to understand the psychology of success – the deeper reasons for how things work – and that is why we are taking this angle of developing a business.

We believe that when you are choosing a digital market agency, the first question you should ask is – can this team lead my marketing and hence, my business philosophy. In fact, you should look at the collective before breaking it down into specifics. These bigger general areas include:

– innovation

– expressiveness

– belief systems

If you digital marketing agency covers these points in detail, you have a winning formula in your hand. To learn more and talk about our digital leadership mentality, get in touch today.


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