Is there anything in this world that doesn’t have a negative effect?

Medicine have side effects. The paper industry is a tree killing machine. And, soapy water from detergents harms drinking water.

We can take the same example in arguments.

What do you think of an argument that only tackles the positive side of the debate? Such debates are simply unreliable. A one sided message only demonstrates the positives of your business, but you should also be sharing your challenges. Learn more here.

Even in cases where a person has a positive attachment with a topic, in order to bring a balance to the discussion, the person is expected to put forward the negatives too. This gives a chance to the audience to make an informed decision.

Then, why do businesses only talk about the positive side of things. It’s not like there is no negativity attached with running your own business.

Results of One Sided Message in Advertising

In the most simplest form, with a one sided message in advertising, a sceptical audience will simply discard the business.

We are not suggesting that businesses should start talking about everything that is wrong with this world. In fact, with the mentality of treating every negative as a challenge, businesses increase their odds of success.

If you are still not on board, let’s look at this from a different angle.

Negatives Come Out Anyways

Suppressing the negative side of a message does not mean that no one will find out. We live in an era of information and communication, where everything gets out.

What do you prefer in this situation? The negatives going public anyways, or negatives going public through you with an understanding of the situation demonstrated?

You may want to wait and sit out, but the reality ends up out there.

In some cases, you may not be aware of the negatives yourself. In such cases, the honest thing to do is to accept the shortcoming and taking the right steps to fix the situation.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are still exceptions to this rule.

For instance, in religious fundraising appeals, the negative side is generally skipped because of the overwhelming positive attachment of the target audience.

In reality, fundraising systems are inherently inefficient, with the percentage of money reaching the final cause minimal. In such cases, highlighting the negatives will simply hurt the whole system. There is still some money that reaches the needy, which is better than no money at all.

The Positives of a Two Sided Message

The bottom-line is, through the exposure of two sided messages, especially in one on one situations, you come out as a more genuine person. This improves your chances of doing business in the present, as well as in the future. You also demonstrate a sense of trust, showing that you respect the smartness of your audience, and are therefore, providing a rounded solution.

We showcase this in our work too.

Axies Digital talks about the positives as well as the negative side of digital marketing. But, we also talk extensively about how we are trying to do things the right way.

You can learn more about our business and digital marketing understanding by reading through the rest of our content.