In a picturesque corner of New Zealand, Jenn Jensen embarked on a long-anticipated journey from her home in Texas to celebrate her milestone 30th birthday. 

She had meticulously planned every aspect of her trip, taking into account New Zealand’s unpredictable weather patterns. Armed with a black waterproof rain jacket from the renowned outdoor clothing brand, North Face, Jenn was ready to tackle any rainstorm that came her way. 

However, little did she know that this jacket would soon become the centre of an extraordinary story.

The Waterproof Jacket That Wasn’t

Jenn’s optimism was quickly dampened when she discovered that her supposedly ‘waterproof’ North Face rain jacket, equipped with the touted ‘DryVent‘ fabric, couldn’t withstand New Zealand’s relentless rain. 

The disappointment was palpable as she hiked amidst the downpour, drenched from head to toe, despite her best efforts to stay dry. It was a far cry from the promises made by the tag on the jacket, which confidently declared it as waterproof – just as one would expect from a rain jacket.

A TikTok That Made Waves

Jenn’s reaction to her soggy situation was nothing short of spectacular. In a 40-second TikTok video that went viral, she let her frustration be known while maintaining a sense of humour that resonated with viewers worldwide. 

She addressed North Face directly, demanding that they do more than simply issue a refund. With a twinkle in her eye, she playfully challenged the company to redesign the raincoat to make it genuinely waterproof and deliver it to the top of Hooker Valley Lake in New Zealand, where she eagerly awaited its arrival. 

What’s more, her video was laced with charm and wit, as she humorously concluded that she’ll be the only one at the top looking like a drowned rat.


@thenorthface i’m not mad i’m disappointed …and wet

♬ original sound – Jenn Jensen

North Face’s Remarkable Response

North Face’s marketing team couldn’t resist the opportunity presented by Jenn’s viral video. Instead of taking the easy route and offering her a replacement jacket, they decided to go above and beyond to turn this unexpected situation into something truly remarkable. 

A follow-up TikTok video showcased a North Face team member dramatically leaping into a helicopter, clutching a bright red women’s jacket. The helicopter soared to meet Jenn in the picturesque mountains, fulfilling her request for express delivery. 

Furthemore, the video concluded with Jennifer’s infectious smile and a heartfelt ‘Thanks, North Face!’ Her joy was shared by millions of viewers, and the video quickly garnered over four million views.


Replying to @Timbrodini We were busy express delivering @Jenn her jacket at the top of mountain. Thanks for the help Jossi!

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The Viral Impact and Public Response

The two TikTok videos combined quickly became an internet sensation, amassing an astonishing 16 million views. The public was quick to respond, with commenters praising North Face’s marketing team for their ingenious response. 

Many viewers and commentators hailed it as a ‘perfect response’ and applauded North Face for recognising the potential in an unconventional situation. 

Some even believed that North Face had gone above and beyond in understanding the true essence of exceptional customer service, turning what could have been a negative incident into an incredible marketing triumph.

Conclusion: A Marketing Triumph

Jenn Jensen’s unexpected adventure in the New Zealand rain and North Face’s remarkable response have elevated an ordinary customer complaint into a marketing triumph. This story is a testament to the power of social media and a brand’s ability to turn adversity into an opportunity. 

In an age where customer feedback can make or break a brand, North Face’s innovative response has not only salvaged their reputation but also reinforced their commitment to customer satisfaction

Finally, this remarkable journey also proves that with creativity and a touch of humour, even a simple rain jacket can become the star of an unforgettable marketing success story.