Napolina, a Liverpool-based Italian food brand, has launched its first promotional campaign since the brand’s Refresh, with a new tagline: ‘Not so humble ingredients’, revealed.

Speaking about the campaign, Napolina brand marketing director Jeremy Gibson said: “With economic pressure seeing people cutting back on eating out, consumers are looking for high-quality food when they eat in”.

“So, this is no time to be humble about the quality of our products. With this campaign, Lucky Generals has given Napolina a distinctive brand message and enabled the brand to stand out from the rest of the sector.”

The move follows a wider creative overhaul for Napolina, coming amid what parent company Princes Group has called ‘ambitious’ growth plans.

About Napolina

Napolina is an Italian food brand, owned by the Princes Group. The brand was launched in Liverpool in 1965. Napolina’s product range includes pasta, olive oil, tomatoes, sauces, beans and pulses, pizzeria and passata. The brand also offers a range of recipes on its website 

Napolina is available in supermarkets across the UK, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons. The brand is also available in Ireland and South Africa.

Napolina’s Previous Brand Strategy Update (2019)

In 2019, Napolina decided to further highlight the black into their designs as part of their branding strategy. By doing so, they were able to create consistent design architecture and brand codes that communicated the quality of their products. Additionally, this allowed them to expand their range and continue working towards sharing their love for authentic Italian food while inspiring consumers to create delicious new meals.

Napolina saw that other Italian ranges in UK supermarkets were becoming more popular, so they needed to make their products stand out. They accomplished this by showing the quality and passion behind their products, which made the brand look more trustworthy and reliable.

Prior to said changes in branding strategy, Napolina gathered market research data to develop a plan that best communicated the brand’s ethos. After conducting this research, Napolina chose to use strong, single shots of their products rather than multiple pictures. They believed that this would help showcase the pride and confidence in the brand more effectively and achieve the quality expected from Napolina. Such elements are still continued in the new brand refresh.


The new campaign from Napolina is a clever way to position the brand as a premium offering in a competitive market. By using humour, the adverts are sure to grab attention and stick in the memory. With ‘ambitious’ growth plans from parent company Princes Group, it will be interesting to see how Napolina develops over the coming months and years.