In a continuation of its successful collaboration with Arsenal and England football star Declan Rice, dessert brand Müller has unveiled the next phase of their high-profile partnership. 

Originally launched in November 2022 with a creative twist on Vanilla Ice’s classic hit ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ this latest initiative aims to build on the remarkable success the brand has enjoyed, including a notable 9% increase in value over the past year.

New Campaign Focuses on Müller Protein

Central to this new campaign is Müller Protein, a product that boasts 13 grams of protein per pot. 

The advertisements, known for their playful and humorous tone, feature Declan Rice demonstrating his enhanced strength in a variety of exaggerated and entertaining scenarios. 

One standout ad depicts Rice lifting a sofa clean over his head with ease, symbolising the strength and energy derived from consuming Müller Protein.

A Success Story of Engagement and Growth

Müller Yoghurts and Desserts commercial director highlighted the strong connection consumers have with Müller Rice, attributing much of their recent success to the engaging partnership with Rice. 

They expressed that their collaboration with Declan has significantly boosted engagement and value. 

What’s more, by expanding this campaign into the Müller Rice Protein sub-brand, it allows them to connect with new audiences, emphasising the nutritional benefits of added protein while reinforcing the image of Müller Rice as a convenient and delicious snack for the entire family.

They went on to add that the success of their previous campaigns has shown that consumers respond well to the blend of entertainment and health benefits that they offer. Furthermore, they are confident that this exciting new campaign will bring even more growth for the brand and, in turn, for their customers.

Diverse Media Strategy

The campaign is set to run predominantly across out-of-home platforms, leveraging high-traffic locations to maximise visibility. 

The main creative will be supported by a striking special build set to be unveiled later this month, promising to capture public attention with its innovative design. Additionally, the campaign will be amplified through various digital channels, including social media platforms and podcast sponsorships. 

Also, this multi-faceted approach ensures a broad and impactful reach, engaging different segments of the audience across multiple touchpoints.

Declan Rice: The Face of Müller’s Health Message

Declan Rice’s role in the campaign extends beyond mere endorsement. His athletic prowess and public persona align perfectly with Müller’s brand values, making him an ideal ambassador for Müller Protein. 

The tongue-in-cheek ads not only highlight the product’s benefits but also showcase Rice’s charisma and relatability, further strengthening the bond between the brand and its consumers.


In summary, Müller’s latest out-of-home campaign featuring Declan Rice aims to reinforce the strong consumer connection with Müller Rice, highlight the dietary benefits of Müller Protein, and continue driving brand growth. 

With a blend of humour and nutritional messaging, Müller is set to engage and entertain audiences while promoting their protein-rich snack as a tasty and healthy option for all. 

What’s more, this cleverly planned strategic move underscores Müller’s commitment to innovation and consumer engagement, promising exciting developments for the brand and its loyal customers.