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What are you selling?

Most people answer this with a product or a service provided by their business.

But, if you are in business for the long run, you are selling something more than that.

Motivational Salience

You are selling a feeling – a sense of association. You are selling something with an associated stimuli.

The cognitive process of association, creating a form of attention, that creates either a positive of negative behaviour towards a product or service is called a motivational salience.

More specifically, the positive stimuli is connected with the incentive salience. And, oppositely, the negative stimuli is connected with the aversive salience.

Simply, your job as a business is to create the incentive salience, or minimising the aversive salience depending on how you look at it.

Incentive Salience in Marketing

Why do people buy certain products?

Or, more importantly, why do people overpay for some products?

In the simplest form possible, buying a MacBook for triple the price of an ordinary laptop makes people feel better. (We talk more about this in another blog here).

By buying a MacBook, you are not just buying a laptop, you are buying into a lifestyle statement.

You may want to be seen as a creative type.

Or, you want to be seen as someone who can spend a lot on a product. MacBook is more of a jewellery item at this point, rather than a utility.

(I myself have a Dell Chromebook 11 because of my connection with digital marketing and SEO to be more specific. We may have bought this item to trigger an association with Google during client meetings. Plus it turns into a tablet and can be flipped around – a nice demonstration of technological advancement).

Let’s look at another example here.

Deflecting Aversive Salience

If you are selling an exercise machine that helps people lose weight, showing people in pain while using it might not the best tactic.

Instead, you need to talk about the adverse effects of obesity, or use the oldest trick in the book – show people enjoying exercising while using the machine.

In simple terms, remember the message people take away from the exercise – remember the feeling that you create.

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