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Where do you rank familiarity with comfort in a given environment? In other words, are you more comfortable when your surroundings are familiar?

Research shows that people feel safer in an environment they are familiar with.

This principle of familiarity is not different for businesses, and the associated products and services either.

People are more comfortable in spending when they have been exposed to a business for a long time. This psychological principle is simply the Mere Exposure Effort, sometimes referred to as the Familiarity Principle.

And, scientists have known this since the middle of the 19th century in fact.

Information Processing

Have you ever met someone and not started on the right foot?

But, then you start spending more time with someone, begin understanding each other more, and end up liking each other.

From your college friends to life partners, we constantly see this kind of activity in human environments.

Some side things happen meanwhile.

You develop an undertone mutual understanding – some people call it chemistry.

In the simplest form possible, by spending more time with each other, you constantly process the flow of information faster.

Familiarity simply creates a perceptual fluency – this ease of information processing with a person. And, this ease leads to liking each other.

Failed Application in Marketing

As I mentioned earlier, scientists have known about the mere exposure effect for quite a while now. But, marketing failed to properly understand what to do with it.

As a result, businesses have constantly been hurt by over exposing to target audiences.

Research suggests that seeing the same information, in other words direct ads, can have an adverse effect on the potential of a business. You are not creating a liking by doing so, you are creating the opposite – a hatred towards your brand.

Need for Change in Marketing

Ads can be really annoying.

But, positive, value based content can do miracles.

This blog, literally, is an example of this.

Whether you clicked through my profile on LinkedIn to be here or simply came through Google, you might click around and find out more about us – familiarise yourself – and make a more informed decision by building up a liking.

And, we produce one of these blogs each day with the same intention.

We are producing value that you can either take for face value and never buy from us, or if you like the content, keep coming back.

It doesn’t even have to a direct sale. You are more likely to recommend us the next time the topic of marketing comes up.

And, we understand this behaviour of yours. We are literally using the mere exposure effect while talking about the mere exposure effect. Well, if nothing else, you have learnt something new.

To keep learning and helping us create a positive image in your head, come back each day at 2:01 pm GMT to read a new blog.

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