Maybelline New York, a trailblazer in the beauty industry, has embarked on an exciting journey to engage with younger consumers by bridging the realms of beauty, music, and gaming. 

In a groundbreaking collaboration with the wildly popular online gaming platform Roblox, the renowned beauty brand has introduced the immersive ‘Makeup Your Mix’ campaign, captivating the attention of music and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Maybelline’s Innovative Collaboration with Roblox and AI Music Company

In a strategic partnership with Splash, an artificial intelligence (AI) music company known for pushing the boundaries of creativity, Maybelline New York is breaking new ground in digital marketing

This innovative campaign leverages the vast community of Roblox users, offering them an interactive experience that seamlessly blends the worlds of beauty and creativity. 

Furthermore, Splash’s expertise in AI music generation ensures a unique and dynamic soundtrack for the entire campaign.

Exploring Virtual Spaces and Experimenting with Makeup

Within the virtual expanse of Roblox, users can embark on a journey through a myriad of digital spaces meticulously crafted by Maybelline, including the exclusive Maybelline New York lounge and the dynamic Graffiti Room. 

These spaces serve as a playground for creativity, enabling Roblox users to experiment with Maybelline’s products in ways that push the boundaries of imagination. Imagine using the highly-praised Falsies Surreal Mascara to paint graffiti in the virtual world, an embodiment of beauty and artistic expression intertwining seamlessly.

Tapping into the World of Music with DJ Kai and ‘Fantasy’

Maybelline New York’s ‘Makeup Your Mix’ campaign also ingeniously intersects with the music scene, forging a partnership with the virtual sensation, DJ Kai, around the release of her latest track, ‘Fantasy.’ 

This groundbreaking collaboration features a limited-time activation and an electrifying listening party, where users can remix the song for a limited time only. 

What’s more, enthusiastic users can dive into DJ Kai’s world, experiencing the synergy of makeup artistry and music in a way that they will have never seen before.

Highlighting the Benefits of This Kind of Collaboration

The collaboration between Maybelline New York and Roblox in the ‘Makeup Your Mix’ campaign represents a multifaceted partnership with numerous advantages. 

Firstly, it enables Maybelline to access a younger and digitally-engaged demographic, predominantly composed of Gen Z and Millennial users on the Roblox platform, thereby expanding its reach and increasing brand awareness among this highly sought-after audience. 

Additionally, the campaign fosters immersive brand experiences by allowing users to interact with Maybelline’s products in virtual spaces, facilitating a deeper and more engaging connection between the brand and its consumers. 

Also, the incorporation of music, with the partnership involving virtual DJ Kai and opportunities for users to remix tracks, adds an entertaining dimension that resonates with those who have a passion for both beauty and music. This fusion not only generates buzz and engagement but also creates a memorable, cross-disciplinary experience. 

Furthermore, the campaign promotes creativity, self-expression, and inclusivity, aligning closely with Maybelline’s core values and reinforcing positive brand associations. Beyond immediate marketing benefits, the campaign offers invaluable data and insights into user preferences and behaviours, informing future strategies and product development. 

Ultimately, by engaging with younger audiences in innovative ways, this collaboration positions Maybelline to build lasting brand loyalty among a generation of consumers who appreciate innovation, self-expression, and creativity.

Maybelline’s Ongoing Efforts to Connect with Younger Audiences

This campaign is more than just a one-off endeavour; it underscores Maybelline’s steadfast commitment to connecting with younger audiences. Notably, the brand introduced its first-ever digital avatar, named May, in February, during the launch of its highly acclaimed Falsies Surreal Extensions Mascara. 

Maybelline has also previously collaborated with video game developer Zynga to create an in-game playable ad, ‘Maybelline Mascara Merge,’ a testament to their innovative marketing strategies

Furthermore, in April, the brand playfully spoofed iconic ’90s music videos in its campaign, ‘Ugly Cry, Perfect Liner,’ which starred the talented Saturday Night Live (SNL) actor, Chloe Fineman.


In ‘Makeup Your Mix,’ Maybelline New York has orchestrated a symphony of self-expression, play, and empowerment. This collaboration perfectly aligns with the brand’s core values, making self-expression accessible to all, regardless of where customers engage with their brand. 

By tapping into the passions of music and gaming communities on Roblox, Maybelline has not only created an immersive digital experience but has also struck a resonant chord with a new generation of beauty enthusiasts, therefore, this campaign is a testament to Maybelline’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to staying at the forefront of digital marketing in the beauty industry. 

And finally, with ‘Makeup Your Mix,’ Maybelline New York has once again demonstrated its unparalleled ability to blend creativity, technology, and style into an unforgettable beauty journey that will be remembered as a milestone in the industry’s evolution.