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Let’s paint a picture and see if it’s your story.

Your business has been growing. But, you have seen that your competitors take advantage of marketing. And, it seems that they are doing even better. So, you try integrating marketing into your business too. But, where do you start?

Google or Facebook?

Confused business owners looking to engage with new customers ask us frequently what is the best for their business. The choices are usually dispersed between organic search volumes (usually through Google) and social media (mainly Facebook).

In an ideal world, you should be doing it all. But, there are usually time restrictions and you need to start small from somewhere – a focus strategy simplifies this.

We’re glad that clients have not asked us to do a blackjack budget split by working half heartedly on both. You end up with nothing at the end.

In Karate they say – practice 1 punch hundreds of times rather than hundreds of them once. For this reason only master one platform before moving onto another.

Each of these options have their own pros – and of course cons.

The Example of Football

The best example that we can give on the spot is football.  

Which position wins you games? Defenders or strikers?

It simply depends on the stage of the game. Without a goal you can’t win a game. But, no number of goals will win you a game without a defence. They both need each other at different times.

Let’s simplify this.

Everton bought almost a new team last season to upgrade players in every position. Did they win the league? Did they even improve? They still hang around the 7th to 10th mark, and they have been that way for ages. Throwing money at it all hasn’t changed much.

And if the strategy is not there, no money will save you.

A good example of this is Manchester United under Mourinho vs Solskjaer. The individuals under the managers are literally the same, but the results are quite different.

Marketing Strategy for Business

Let’s get down to your business now.

Facebook is fantastic for an outreach program allowing you to connect with clients who have similar personality traits. Facebook algorithms allow matchmaking to be accomplished on a deep level, as long as you are willing to be consistent with it. And, most importantly, if you have a strategy to pull in added fans, the matchmaking does wonders. The simple idea is, you need to be visible in the eyes of your targets and you should have the right content to hold the attention.

Google, on the other hand, gets you traffic on the website. You cannot be too picky about who comes on that but it’s a fantastic tool to give you brand endorsement. With the right effort to rank for the right terms for your business, you will remain in the public eye – almost indefinitely. The variables at this point are connected with consistency, freshness, and relevance of the content you are producing.

So, the simple question is – do you want a constant presence attracting new people all the time before deepening the relationship or a connection beyond the operational side of business from the beginning? We are talking about Google and Facebook respectively. The end goal in both cases is basically the same – connecting with your ideal customers.

What Came First?

You may feel like it is a what comes first scenario – Chicken or an Egg.

For us, we did Google before Facebook. This is simply because establishing a brand image was more important for us, before continued connection with a fanbase.

Now, as a result, we rank high on Google and have quite a decent engagement level on Facebook. If you want to quantify our results, simply compare us with our competitors to learn more.

Extra Hint

Instagram (owned by Facebook) is the tool for the future unless you are targeting individuals between 16 and 24 now.

In any case, learn a bit about Instagram too. The 16 to 24 today may as well be your targets in a few years time. The type of content here is simply limited to visual for now – unless something changes in the future.

Good luck with your marketing campaigns. For any further improvements to your marketing, get in touch with us today. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]