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How do you take a business from boring to GREAT?

For a business to grow and develop, you need to find a gap in the market and grow from there. But, this gap might not be interesting enough.

Just keep in mind that it only takes one simple idea to take a business from weak to strong from boring to exciting.

Amazon – From Book Store to Online Selling Machine

Amazon started of as an online bookstore in Jeff Bezos garage. But, the idea was not to make an online book store – the idea was to test new waters. It was the beginning of the assimilation of internet in our lives and Bezos saw the potential.

Now Amazon is the number 1 online retailer.

More recently, with growth of amazon prime, they have entered into the video streaming sector and with Amazon’s Wardrobe they are also entering the fashion market.

Amazon’s growth and development shows the power of innovation and keeping up with latest trends. Whether it’s Amazon Kindle or Echo, Amazon has taken boring ideas, such as reading and searches to a whole new level.

All from a bookstore idea.

But, Amazon is not the only great example here and we can learn from many other examples.

Here are a few key tips to consider when growing your business:

Keeping up with Trends and Staying Relevant

Your initial product can be anything. But, what you learn from it and do further in the future is what counts.

A good example of this is Google, that started off simply as an online directory. Keep in mind that Google was not the first directory or even the first search engine, but is the only true survivor from its era.

Google simply took the idea of a directory to the next level, making it an advertising platform. They converted the data into a commodity.

Today, Google is the biggest search engine, along with being a multinational company. We can start off by listing everything Google owns, but you get the idea.


A business without the right sales and marketing push will succumb to nothing.

In simple terms, people will only buy your product/service if they know about it and it has an impact. Here, we suggest emotional branding.

Emotional branding is the perfect way to connect with customers, remembering that most sales are based on triggering a feeling. And, we see this everywhere.

L’oreal began as a skincare brand and developed into the hair care sector and makeup. And this has been possible through conveying incredibly strong marketing campaigns.  

One of their biggest selling points has been the showcase of inclusivity and diversity, the marketing and highlighting of which has taken L’oreal to a clear market leader – even though the company was already doing well.

Don’t give up

Sarah Blakely , the founder of Spanx, a company that makes briefs and leggings, went to several law firms for an investment and a lot of them though it was a camera prank. Well, briefs and leggings don’t sound so exciting, but Sarah’s products make people look thinner and there is a huge market for this.

However, her ‘ridiculous’ business idea has helped empower many women and turned $5,000 investment into a billion already.

For a business to keep on growing, innovation is key in bringing excitement. You can even take this idea into your life. (This might even be a great gift idea).

Alpaca Trekking

Some people love hiking and trekking. Whereas others may consider it to be boring.

However, add an alpaca to the equation and BANG, you’ve got an amazing simple idea that makes something uninteresting into something that opens a lot more doors.

And, this is already happening. You can take your family and kids on a nice walk around Walsh villages, for instance, and make it exciting by adding an Alpaca to the journey.

Not only does this make the walk around interesting for you, the local farmers are able to gain some extra income too. In fact, open farming is a growing industry, enjoyable for both humans and the animals – who doesn’t love some fresh air.

The bottom line is, it’s always the simple things in the world that matter the most. By making something boring fun and exciting, you can take your business ideas to the next level.

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