Recently, John Lewis Partnership (JLP) announced its dedication to strengthening its connection with customers through new partnerships with marketing and customer loyalty experts, dunnhumby and Eagle Eye.

It is anticipated that the five-year strategic agreements will enhance customer satisfaction by offering more individualised loyalty experiences and expanding the perks of the MyWaitrose and My John Lewis loyalty programmes.

This blog post will explore the details of the partnership, the benefits for customers, and what it means for JLP’s future growth and customer engagement.

What is the aim of the partnerships?

John Lewis Partnership (JLP) has collaborated with dunnhumby and Eagle Eye to strengthen its ties with 20 million customers who shop at John Lewis, Waitrose, and John Lewis Finance through their various platforms including stores, websites, and apps.

These partnerships aim to enhance customer relationships by providing customers with greater personalisation and loyalty experiences, whilst also opening up collaboration opportunities with suppliers to support the growth of the JLP Insights & Media service.

How will these partnerships affect customers?

MyWaitrose has over nine million loyal customers who received £100m worth of personalised money-off rewards in the past year. Similarly, My John Lewis now has a membership of five million members. The introduction of John Lewis Members Week, which offers exclusive events and offers, has contributed significantly to this growth, with Members Week being held multiple times throughout the year.

JLP plans to enhance its programmes with the help of its new partnerships and take them to even greater heights. Their partnership with dunnhumby, a company that specialises in customer insights and media, will enable JLP to leverage customer data in order to enhance the shopping experience for its customers with more personalised options. 

By using these insights, JLP can analyse its customers’ behaviour patterns, shopping habits, changing preferences and trends. This, in turn, can aid the group in better understanding its customers and promote long-term growth.

Eagle Eye, a marketing technology company, will provide a digital marketing solution for the business. This will enable them to connect with customers through email, mobile, and other digital channels and provide them with personalised rewards and offers. This collaboration will assist JLP in enhancing customer involvement and fostering brand devotion.

How do the partnerships impact suppliers?

The recent collaborations with dunnhumby and Eagle Eye have enabled them to expand their perks and rewards beyond just the My John Lewis and My Waitrose loyalty schemes.

Suppliers will now be able to connect with customers at all stages of their shopping experience starting with print materials, such as the Waitrose Weekend publication, and progressing to digital ads on and

In addition, they can participate in a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes rewards and deals specific to each customer’s shopping habits.

What example is this setting for other retailers?

The partnership between JLP, dunnhumby and Eagle Eye sets an example for other retailers, as it demonstrates the potential of combining customer loyalty and marketing technologies to provide a more tailored experience to customers.

By leveraging customer insights, JLP can develop a better understanding of its customer base while also providing targeted rewards and offers that can help increase engagement.

The success of this partnership can also help other retailers understand more about their customers and how they could also potentially use loyalty programmes as a tool for long-term growth within their own companies.

Could there be any downfalls of these partnerships?

The partnerships between JLP, dunnhumby, and Eagle Eye could potentially lead to a decrease in privacy for customers as the companies gain more access to customer data. JLP has assured that all customer data is handled securely according to GDPR guidelines, however there is always a concern surrounding the potential misuse of this information.

By effectively managing customer data, JLP and its partners can ensure that customers will benefit from these partnerships while also maintaining their security.

Additionally, the success of these partnerships depends on how much engagement they are able to drive with customers in order for them to be successful. If the loyalty programmes aren’t able to generate enough interest, or reward customers enough for their loyalty, then the partnerships may be unsuccessful.

It is important for JLP to keep customer feedback in mind as it continues to develop these programmes and ensure that the rewards are tailored to each customer’s individual needs. This will allow them to make sure that customers remain satisfied with the services they are providing while continuing to drive loyalty and engagement.


The partnerships between JLP, dunnhumby and Eagle Eye have the potential to bring great benefits to John Lewis customers by providing them with tailored rewards, offers and insights. 

However, it is important for JLP to manage its customer data responsibly in order to protect customer privacy while also driving loyalty and engagement.

With careful management of these programmes, JLP can ensure that customers remain satisfied with the services they are providing, while also continuing to promote long-term growth in the future.